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Bored Of Flawless Brows, Eye Creases And Contouring?

Bored of flawless brows, eye creases and contouring?

Meet the beauty brand that’s taking on the ‘Instagram look’. And winning….

Hands up who’s getting a little bit tired of the Kylie Jenner look? You know the one we mean – perfectly arched brows, cheekbones contoured to within an inch of their lives, plumped matt pout and painted eye crease? Filtered to f*ck (or at least made to look that way) it’s a look that’s flawless and sexy, but let’s be honest here, it’s getting a little, well, boring.

bored of flawless makeup?


We’ve been craving an antidote to what we’ve dubbed the Instagram look (you know the culprits) and we think we’ve found it: in the form of an affordable beauty brand that we predict is a cult brand in the making. Say hello to 3ina (pronounced Mina) the fun, brave new (ish) beauty brand that’s on every make-up guru’s lips.

So, what’s fuelled our new found love affair with 3ina? Well, for a start, its a funky colour powerhouse that takes its inspo from the street, not social media, and in the process banishes that airbrushed myth of perfection. Instead, 3ina is about expression and individuality – and don’t we all want to be in that club? With a message of ‘disruptive beauty’ and ‘inclusive spirit’. The vision behind the brand is a positive one – that one size doesn’t fit all and neither should our definition of beauty.

3ina Nail Polish

Ok, so enough of the rhetoric, down to the nitty gritty: the products. It’s like they were designed specifically to please the Roccabox team: everything has been created with experimentation in mind, in the hope that we will get playful with their products. From their bright hero colour eyeliners and cream shadows to their innovative and layer-able brow products – which trust us, are amazing – their products are made to be played with. And to play in. Oh, and did we mention the price? Nearly everything comes in well under a tenner. Meaning you won’t need to pick between their foundation (which comes in an impressive 18 shades), hard-wearing nail polish*, gold eye mask and sought-after fixing spray – you can nab them all. But if you really need a little inspo, then simply check out their stunning Insta page.

Happy shopping – and playing – ladies.

*included in your April Roccabox

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