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Glitter: Our Top 3 Ways To Wear Sparkle This Summer

Glitter: Our top 3 ways to wear sparkle this summer

Love it or hate it, make no mistake about it: glitter is having a moment right now. If there was one beauty trend that truly dominated all four fashion weeks at the Spring/Summer ‘18 shows, it was a make-up artists’ obsession with all things sparkly, shimmery and shiny. It was all about glittery eyelids at Topshop and Stella Jean; stick-on gems, jewels and rhinestones at Dries Van Noten and Givenchy; and glitter lips were where it was at, at Shrimps. This summer, get set to sparkle.

Usually reserved for Christmas, teenagers and festivals (more on that later) glittery make-up has earned itself a reputation for being fun, statement and playful, incredibly camp and flamboyant. While we’re all for a little OTT beauty, glitter can understandably make those of the shyer persuasion want to avoid glitter. Well, all that’s about to change. Among the smattering of rhinestones and glitter pouts, the new season’s glitter also came with a little restraint. Ralph & Russo models wore the understated glitter look perfectly, demonstrating that glitter can actually be worn in a very chic, very subtle way. We’re going to show you how glitter can be wearable and, yes, even suitable for daytime (although whether it will become a workday staple, well that depends on your line of work..). However, don’t despair if full-on glam glitter is your thing and playing down its playful nature goes against your beauty rulebook. We’re also going to tell you how to nail this season’s alternative to understated glitter – aka grunge glitter. Finally, for all you festival queens, this is your season. Glitter is a festival make-up bag staple, made to be worn with experimentation and pride (plus when you’re playing away, there’s no danger of you finding it in your bedding for weeks…)

So, if you’re itching for a new way to shine on, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading, get that glitter glue out, and get ready to shine on sister….

Understated Glitter

Believe it or not, used with a little restraint, a little bit of sparkle could be your new daytime beauty staple. Follow the lead of Ralph & Russo to keep the look wearable and subtle, rather than in-your-face, and simply pick your colour wisely (we say opt for a pearly shade of sparkle) and apply only to the inner corners of the eyes. It’s an amplified version of adding highlighter to your inner eye, to bring out your inner sparkle, and works with virtually any look, no mess required.

Ralph&Russo Make Up

Ralph&Russo Make Up/ Source:


Grunge Glitter

This season’s glitter is a tale of two halves: while on the one hand, you’ve got the simple, subtle, understated glamour of everyday sparkle placement, on the other you have a more punky, grungey version. In the past full-on glitter always came across a little too unicorn, a little bit fairytale, whereas this time it is a lot edgier. Glitter clumped onto eyelashes, rhinestone-encrusted lid creases…this look is about making glitter less pantomime and more street, using it as an embellishment and seeing how far you can take it. For a rough-around-the-edges glitter look, look to Ashish for inspo. Models’ eyes were laden with black smoky shadows and heaps of dark chunky glitter. Allow the glitter to fall onto the undereye area, to keep the look perfectly imperfect.

Ashish Maku-Up

Ashish Maku-Up / Source:

Festival Glitter

This is your time to shine, festival queen. Festivals are the spiritual home of glitter-sluts, and the perfect playground for some sparkle experimentation. This summer, go for a rose-gold hued glitter – our bespoke Roccabox blend of Eco Glitter* is the perfect shade – and apply along your cheekbones and browbones, for an exaggerated highlighted bone structure. Our top tip to keep your glitter in place? Put loose powder all around the area to create a film of powder on the skin. To apply, moisten the skin with a sticky multi-use balm – something like Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, which should be a staple in your festival bag anyway – is ideal. If you want the glitter to stick more, take some eyelash glue, wait for it to dry and go clear,  then press on the glitter- it’ll stay put for ages. Fancy keeping your face nude but still want to rock the glitter make-up? Go for a scalp sparkle instead. Separate hair into boxer braids or two low buns, with a neat centre-parting, and stick a strip of sparkle all down your parting.

Eco Glitter

Eco Glitter / Source:

*included in your May Roccabox!

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