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Great Skin Goals

Great Skin Goals

What do the Hollywood elite look for in their make-up? The perfect red lip? Sometimes. Faultless brows? Usually. However, A-list make-up artists will tell you that ranking highest on the list of red-carpet requests, in this world of high-definition everything, is glowing, flawless skin. Not everyone can boast naturally even-toned, imperfection-free skin (heck, hardly anyone can) so it’s no surprise that flawless skin – or rather, the appearance of flawless skin – is so sought after. Faking it until we make it means that often the only way we can create the appearance of perfect skin is with hard-working make-up and clever application.

Flawless skin not your bag?  Feel free to give this article a miss. Everyone else, read carefully.  Product plays a pretty crucial role in creating a flawless base, however that isn’t where the story ends. With application tools being a major player in this game, beauty insiders are buzzing over the newest blending sponge on the block. With an ability to create a base that’s seriously impeccable, Nanshy’s Marvel 4-in-1 Blending Sponge is trail-blazing its way to cult tool territory. Beauty junkies are already au fait with the endless advantages of using a beauty sponge instead of fingers – seamless application of foundation/cc cream/bb cream, an airbrushed finish, less wastage of our precious products- but this little miracle distinguishes itself from its 3-in-1 sponge siblings via an additional surface, which delivers a heap of additional uses. It’s this extra usage that helps with achieving that flawless finish.

So what does a girl need to do in her quest for a perfect base? We’ve delved through the advice of those in the know and come up with our ultimate four pro tips to achieve that flawless finish.

  1. Rosacea, hyper-pigmentation, and acne scarring are just a few of the obstacles that can stand between you and that sought-after faultless base. When concealer just isn’t enough, it’s time to bring out the big guns: colour-correcting creations that are so much more than just pretty pastel-hued products. Texture and type of product are down to personal preference but stick to this general colour guide: mint counteracts redness caused by rosacea and acne scarring; lavender takes away sallow undertones; pink perks up dull skin and peach adds warmth to dark circles. Use the Marvel 4-in-1 to blend in your prescribed product and watch those imperfections disappear.
  2. See that fine tip on your blending sponge? It’s your new best friend when it comes to hiding spots. Use it to apply, blend and set concealer. Imperfections will become undetectable.
  3. Use the extra flat surface of the 4-in-1 to get involved with some serious ‘stippling’ action. Any make-up artist worth their salt will agree that this technique encourages more even distribution of foundation, helps to ‘set’ the product on the skin and allows you to build your base gradually – hello long-lasting, even coverage.
  4. Finally, decide on the finish you want from your make-up. Want to add definition and shape to your face? Use your 4-in-1to apply and blend your favorite contouring products. Prefer a dewy look? Use the fine tip to dot strobing cream to cheekbones, browbones and cupids bow and blend. Make this hard-working tool work for YOU and your skin.


Whether it’s to face the cameras or simply face the day, women are forever out to achieve that holy grail of beauty: a flawless face. We reckon we’ve just made that quest a teeny bit easier.



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