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Unicorn Nails Have Landed

Unicorn Nails have landed

Beautiful, mythical, and insanely instagramm-able, we love anything #unicorn related, so give us a beauty trend that pays homage to our favorite make-believe creature and we’re sold. Yes it’s a bit gimmicky, but put down your unicorn bagel, stop insta-lusting after unicorn Frapuccinos and say bu-bye to unicorn bark. It’s time to get giddy over unicorn nails.

3D unicorn horns are the ultimate way to nail this trend. One for the die-hard unicorn fans (and only to be attempted by nail pros) unicorn horns are created using a blend of acrylic and gel. Length is created using an acrylic tip, before being filed down to a narrow pointed end. What distinguishes this look from your standard stiletto nail is the carved ridges, moulded and filed from gel, which resemble the spiraled horn on the front of a unicorn’s head. A pastel gel or varnish, with a sparkly finish, completes this look.

Two tone hologram shimmer powders and gels are another way to try out this trend. Buff Holographic Unicorn Powder in to a clear gel base, for a pretty rainbow shimmer reminiscent of unicorn tails.

Finally, to nail the unicorn trend without the commitment of extensions, go for this super-easy look. Apply IZ Beauty Gel Effect in Forget Me Not, £6 over the entire nail and while the varnish is still wet, load up a nail brush with IZ Beauty Gel Effect Lily Romance, £6 and paint from the middle of the nail to the end. Take a cuticle stick and use to swirl both colours together, with a marbling action. Leave nails to dry and finish with a shimmery, clear or sparkly top coat, depending on how serious your unicorn obsession is. Et voila, you’ve created candyfloss-coloured marble-effect nails, that look exactly like unicorn bark and are the perfect nod to the prettiest, most magical trend we’ve seen in a long time.

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