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Women Empowered: Tia Roqaa

Tia Roqaa is a beauty industry veteran and the Founder and CEO of Roccabox. Born three years ago from her bedroom in Leeds, Roccabox has grown from humble beginnings to gracing the pages of major publications like Grazia, Elle and Glamour. Tia has since worked with internationally renowned beauty brands Huda Beauty, SugarBearHair and St. Tropez, (to name a few) and this is only the beginning, so watch this space!' 

Which Roccabox edit so far has been your favourite? 

Wow that’s a tough one! I have loved all of our boxes but our launch box was super special, it was such an empowering feeling having an idea and seeing it come to fruition. It was in collaboration with blogger The LDN Diaries and we included brands such as KEVIN.MURPHY / DR. LIPP, Balance Me, Nanshy, New CID. We have worked with a lot of these brands several times since then and they sort of feel like part of the family!

What makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning?

I love my sleep so it takes a lot, usually a holiday. But of course when we are working on exciting campaigns that’s always exciting!

What gets you through tougher moments in the day?

Any time I get brain od I think about why I started and how far I have come, chatting to my friends and going to the gym always help too.

Do you have a motivational mantra? What is it and when do you use it?

“Be the CEO your mum wanted you to marry.” I use this when I have a tough day or month and everything is going wrong and I feel like throwing the towel in.

You’re a busy woman - how do you make sure you find time for self care?

I start every week day with a gym class, this is 45 minutes of torture yes but it’s also time where I don’t feel like work and any stress or even sadness that I felt pre-class go away once those endorphins kick in. I also make sure that I switch off my laptop on an evening after dinner - this is actually quite a new thing as I used to work all hours but those late nights gave me a bad sleep resulting in a very grumpy Tia!

What is your top self-care advice for busy women, like you?

Always make time for yourself. Exercise, laugh with friends and if in doubt, drink wine. 

How does beauty factor in to your self-care?

I always feel better when my face is glowing, so I absolutely swear by Tan Luxe super glow it’s the best thing EVER and even helps me go make-up free when I can’t be bothered.

What are your beauty routine non negotiables? 

I can’t live without LVL Lashes and a gel manicure!

The International Women's Day 2020 campaign theme is #EachForEqual. What does this mean to you? 

#EachforEqual means celebrating all of the amazing things the people around us do every day. At its heart, Roccabox is always striving for equality - and we want to make sure everything we do is a step in the right direction for a fairer society! 

What has been your proudest career moment to date?

Being featured in any magazine always gives me a real 'pinch me' moment.

What advice would you give to women looking to start their own business?

Just do it! If you don't do it someone else will, there's always loads of support networks out there too so you'll never be alone. I am always happy to be contacted about things like this if anyone ever wants to reach out. 

What can we wait to see next from Roccabox?

We have some exciting partnerships and limited editions coming your way, but that's all I can say for now!

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