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Banish Dark Circles Once And For All

Banish dark circles once and for all

If like us, you look at the mirror in the morning and feel as though you resemble something from the walking dead, you may have wondered how anyone wakes up in the morning looking fresh as a daisy.. Well It’s a sham, no one does! Dark circles affect the best of us. That being said, we do have some tips and tricks to reduce them significantly!


Lets start with where they come from. They can be caused by all sorts of things, and to make them extra annoying, it’s hard to pin point exactly which is the reason for you!

They could be down to . . .

  • Poor blood circulation
  • Genetic shape of your eye
  • Genetic skin pigmentation (especially in certain ethnic groups)
  • Weakening of skin elasticity in the lower eyelid
  • Loss of volume under the eye (most often through aging and weight loss)


First things first, is your concealer performing?

If you think you’ve tried every heavy-duty concealer out there and none of them work, then we’ve got some fab news for you because we’ve been prowling the beauty counters and found these two little wonders are playing on another level.


Kevyn Aucoin – The Sensual Skin Enhancer, £38

Ever seen a dark circle on Kim K? Nope, us neither, because she’s a big fan of this little pot. You get what you pay for with Kevin Aucoin, it’s the highest and best coverage we’ve ever come accross. You only need a teeny bit too, so doesn’t need replacing often at all. Fab.


Laura Mercier – Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Concealer, £24

If you’re after something a little lighter this little gem has less coverage, but is still absolutely killing it. This one is much more hydrating, so is more suited for in the day as it doesn’t cake.


Still not convinced with our love for concealer? We’ve got loads more solutions!


Ask yourself how much water you’re drinking because it’s a 101 of EVERY beauty secret. We fully appreciate this seems to just be the go-to copout solution for every beauty issue, but there’s a reason that EVERY dermatologist, beauty blogger and your mother, swears by it. It plumps up your skin and can really reduce dark circles as well as make you a much healthier human all round. So just do it babe, you’ll thank us later.


Your diet could also be to blame. Sugars, refined carbs, processed food (all the guilty pleasures), do absolutely no good for your skin and could have something to do with the bags you’re carrying under your eyes.


Thinking you need stronger measures? We’ve found some non-surgical treatments that may excite you a little more!


If the cause of your circles is pigmentation (usually due to genetics or ethnicity) then speaking to your dermatologist and asking about a topical cream may be your best bet. It helps to improve the quality of your skin whist treating pigmentation.


If poor circulation is your issue, then micro-needling could help as it improves blood flow to get rid of deoxygenated blood around your eyes, which causes dark circles.


And finally, volume loss – the most common cause of dark circles! Dermal fillers could be the answer your looking for (we promise absolutely everyone is doing it these days!). It’s usually a ‘Tear through’ treatment, which involves injecting dermal filler to specific areas under the eye to replace lost volume and support with results lasting around 6—9 months. It comes with a heavy price tag ranging anywhere from £500-£800, so can get expensive (still not fussed about those concealers?). The pain is minimal due to localised anaesthetic cream and whilst the procedure is very safe, side effects include bruising, bleeding and infection (oh, and potential blindness… eeesh!).


SO many options for you here gal, we’ve parted with all our dark circle banishing secrets and we’ll leave it with you which you choose!



Roccabox x

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