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Want Holiday Make-up Tips From An Insider? We’ve Got You Covered. Makeup Artist, KSAVI JOSHI, Reveals Her Top Tips For Preparing Your Skin Before Going Abroad

Want holiday make-up tips from an insider? We’ve got you covered. Makeup artist, KSAVI JOSHI, reveals her top tips for preparing your skin before going abroad

If you’re like me, you’ll have a mountain of things to do before putting on your out of office and heading for the airport. But it’s not all about work – you need to feel your best while away, too. To do that, there are several ways you should prep your skin before a holiday.


Body Cleansing with REN

As well as removing unwanted hair before your holiday, it’s a good idea to cleanse your skin, so it’s ready for the sun. I love REN’s Moroccan Rose Otto Sugar Body Polish, which revives and hydrates the skin – helping you to get an even tan while away.


Pedicure and Manicure with DryBy London

To get in the holiday spirit and make sure I’m beach ready, when the packing’s complete – usually the day before flying – I book myself in for a manicure and pedicure (with a hand and foot massage, of course). DryBy London in Marylebone is my usual haunt! They’re fantastic.


Facial Cleansing with Malvina Fraser

I used to have a facial while away, but now, a week before I go, I book myself in with Malvina Fraser; the Malvina Skincare range is superb, especially for your post-travel routine. A facial before you travel is great for the microdermabrasion of the skin, which helps to cleanse the pores thoroughly and massage any excess fluid – leaving you with a summer glow.


Moisture Treatment for the Flight

In my hand luggage, there’s always a couple of face sheets to keep my face moisturised during the flight, when your skin must battle with the harsh air-conditioning. My favourite brands are Garnier, Skin365, and Rodial, and I chop and change between all three. I also love Rodial’s Dragon Lip Sheets, which may make you look silly but do your lips wonders.


Lip Moisture

Who doesn’t want healthy lips? Every few weeks, I use a lip exfoliation treatment, like GLAMGLOW’s Poutmud Lip Exfoliating Treatment. However, when on holiday and stuck in the heat, I prefer ULTRASUN, a moisture-rich lip balm with SPF 30, to keep you protected.


Wherever you’re jetting off to, remember to prep beforehand and pack the beauty essentials – especially those moisturising face sheets! They’ll do wonders for your skin.

Wana know more about Ksavi? Check out her website

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