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3 Month Gift Subscription
3 Month Gift Subscription
3 Month Gift Subscription
3 Month Gift Subscription

3 Month Gift Subscription

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About This Month's Box

We’ve edited this box, which is worth more than £118, to include the products that fit our own ethos of skin kindness. Nourishing skincare that encourages relaxation; gentle formulas; specialist products that lead to growth and repair; therapeutic bodycare. This is feel-good beauty at its very finest - and kindest. Inside you'll find: 

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser,  RRP £5.99

Award-winning and a true cult product. This gentle cleanser is so calming, nourishing and hydrating it can be used morning and night on even the most sensitive of skins. None-stripping, none-drying, truly versatile (it can be used with or without water) and thoroughly inclusive - every skin type can benefit from having this staple in their bathroom cabinet - this is the very definition of a kind beauty product. 

Monu Skin Flash Relax Mask, full sized, RRP £36

If you’re looking for a gentler (and more subtle) alternative to botox or harsh facial treatments this is it. Ideal for using before a big event, or after a long day, it smoothes fine lines whilst firming facial contours- cue an instantly smoother and more radiant complexion. The key is in the Ginseng and Magnesium - which gently relax the muscles to provide a smoothing and lifting effect. The addition of Vitamins C and B5 naturally boosts radiance whilst restoring moisture and intensively hydrating. Use just once or twice a week for visible results, but without harsh ingredients or a needle. 

Caprea Lash and Brow Serum, full sized, RRP £15.90

A product that encourages natural growth, repair and regeneration is the epitome of kind beauty, in our view. This serum, which naturally boosts the growth of your own lashes and brows, gradually leading to fuller glossier ones, is exactly that. This isn’t a product that’s about the quick win - you need to use it for at least 4 weeks to see results - but it’s so worth the patience, when you see longer, thicker lashes and brows, that are all your own. 

Ameliorate Intensive Foot Therapy, full sized, RRP £16

A pre-summer sandal essential, this nourishing foot treatment is gentle and kind to your feet - but oh-so thorough. It will gently but noticeably resurface stubborn areas of hard skin, but will also provide long-term relief to very rough feet and cracked heels. Consider this a form of therapy, but for your tootsies. 

Warda Skin Lifter Boost Collagen Moisturizer, full sized, RRP £44.90

Collagen plays the leading role in this sell-out moisturizer that is so good to your skin the results are instant (also the reason it’s almost impossible to get your hands on). Hydrolysed Collagen sits alongside antioxidant-rich vitamin E and skin-softening squalane in this supercharged formula that lives up to the hype that surrounds it. Apply on a morning, post-cleanse and post-serum, to plump out, firm and smooth your complexion. With its instantly hydrating and visibly re-volumising effect, you’ll soon see why this daily skin treat is lauded as the key to plump dewy complexions by beauty editors across the UK. 

Ellie Saab Sample 

Sophisticated yet with hints of vulnerability, top notes of roasted pistachio and sparkling pear give this fragrance its warm glow, while warming, cosy, soul-nourishing notes of almond make it the fragrant equivalent of a cosy hug. 

About Roccabox

A 3 month Roccabox subscription, will hands down be the best give you can give!  They'll get their first box within a week, and the next 2 boxes in the first week of the next 2 months. 

The perfect gift that keeps on giving!

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