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Which Festival Tribe Are You?

Which festival tribe are you?

May is here, which means it’s almost our favorite season. Nope, we don’t mean summer- although that is pretty freakin’ wonderful – we’re talking Festival Season. Yes, that is an actual thing. Glasto may well be taking a (well-deserved) break this summer, but that doesn’t mean we are. As hardened festival junkies we love nothing more than a hedonistic weekend glamping out under the sun and listening to our favorite bands, in a haze of body glitter and Peroni. And, if like us, Insta-stalking Kendall and co, to see what they got up to at Coachella last month, has given you a heady dose of festival-lust, you’re in luck. It’s nearly time for the UK to roll out some of the finest music festivals on the scene.

When it comes to festivals, we seem to fall into our own festival tribes, each defined by its own style. Just as every festival is characterised by its music and defined by its unique vibe, every festival goer tends to fall into a distinct and recognisable category. What you choose to wear, who you’re following on Instagram right now, your bum-bag beauty essentials….it all says a lot about your festival tribe.

Whether you’re a diehard Wireless fan or a Bestival queen, we’ve got you covered. Just pick your tribe and keep reading, to find out which festival beauty essentials you really shouldn’t be leaving home without, this summer. Oh, and there’s more good news. This month we’ve teamed up with Coconut Lane, to curate a Roccabox full of festival necessities: this is your definitive collection of must-have miniatures, multi-purpose products and playful beauty that will help keep you prepped, preened and looking pretty darn good, regardless of your festival tribe. So ladies, whatever your festival plans are this season, you’re going to think this month’s Roccabox is serious festival #goals.

Your festival tribe: Hippies-at-heart

Your spiritual home: Lovebox

Your vibe: You’ve grieved for Secret Garden Party and successfully come out the other side. This is the next best colourful alternative for hipsters, lovers and beautiful people.

Your style goals: Solange

Your must-have product for festival season 2018: Glitter, everywhere. On your lids, lips and scalp. Eco-friendly glitter, ideally.

Glitter Hair/Source:

Your festival tribe: Urban Legends

Your spiritual home: Wireless

Your vibe: A heady mix of hip-hop, VIP areas, chillout bars and rising stars

Your style goals: Kylie Jenner

Your must-have product for festival season 2018: The goal is to look as glam as poss – you basically want to look like you’re in a West-End club, rather than in Finsbury Park, right? A flawless fake tan mousse will nail that sexy bronzed glow that’s practically your signature look.

kylie jenner

Kylie Jenner/Source:

Your festival tribe: Ibiza Baby

Your spiritual home: SW4

Your vibe: You love South West Four because it’s the club that you wish existed. You’re all about the music (as long as that music is house, techno, trance or electronica) and discovering next year’s best DJ is a particular talent of yours.

Your style goals: Alison Wonderland

Your must-have product for festival season 2018: The day’s guaranteed to be a none-stop dance fest – no doubt followed by an after-party (and after-after party if that’s how you roll) so a hardworking long-lasting body deodorant is essential.

Alison Wonderland

Alison Wonderland/Source:

Your festival tribe: Woodstock Wannabe

Your spiritual home: Isle of Wight Festival

Your vibe: Diverse, quirky and all-encompassing, you love your Depeche Mode and James Bay in equal measure. For you, it’s all about the music, the love and the hot tubs.

Your style goals: Rita Ora

Your must-have product for festival season 2018: While you fully plan on making the most of the far superior loos, a sweetly-scented hand sanitizer is still a must when you’re camping for 3 days.

Rita Ora

Rita Ora/ Source:

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