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3 tried-and-tested ways to find some Zen during Lockdown

It’s Lockdown part deux – so you’d think we’d all be pro’s at it by now. And while admittedly it’s not quite as anxiety-ridden for most of us as the first one was, we could still do with a few tools to zen us out and help us unwind, when it all gets a bit too much. 

The things that we took for granted to chill us out and re-balance our souls tend to be on the forbidden list (a trip to the gym; going out for a massage; meeting friends for vino and a natter) and we’re left feeling a little extra wired as a result. But before you start stressing about not having anything to de-stress you (wouldn‘t that be ironic) read through our list of failsafe zen-inducing activities: all totally lockdown-friendly and doable chez vous. 

Create a ‘calm’ spot.

Find an area in your home that can become your go-to when you need a little release. It doesn’t need to be a huge space – just big enough for you to be able to fill with a few calm-inducing hygge-friendly features, and yourself, of course. It could be your entire bedroom, a nook under the stairs, a window seat or a corner of the living room. 

3 tried-and-tested ways to find some Zen during Lockdown

Scent plays a huge role in calming your nervous system: look for lavender, rosewood and jasmine when you’re looking to unwind. If it’s doable include a candle in your space - NEOM’s Real Luxury Scented Candle in Scent to De-Stress is our fave. If it’s too enclosed try essential oil diffuser sticks or a diffusing pod instead.  Lighting is also important to creating a calm environment– candlelight provides a blissful glow, but you can try a small lamp or fairy lights too. 

Go to your calm spot every time you want to indulge in a good book, meditate, sip your fave red wine in peace, or hide from your flatmate/ other half/ kids. 

Pick your lockdown routine wisely

It sounds obvious but don’t fill your time doing things that make you miserable. Of course, we all need to earn a living, put the bins out and eat our greens, but aside from the must-do’s be extra kind to yourself this next few weeks. 

Fancy that second glass of wine on a weeknight? Don’t deprive yourself. The same applies to your skin, hair and body care routine. Use only the products that make you feel good and leave the rest alone for now. Choose luxurious body oils over lighter creams; indulge in hair masks (we love Grace & Stella’s Love My Hair Mask***); luxuriate in rich nourishing glow-giving skincare products, such as Sunday Riley’s C.E.O Vitamin C Rich Hydration Cream***; switch your gel cleanser for a buttery cleansing balm and swap your standard shower gel for Soaper Duper Creamy Deluxe Shea Butter Body Wash**. This creamy, soul-warming, skin-nourishing treat makes a morning shower that little bit more pleasurable.

Discover the healing benefits of a bath

It’s amazing how transformative a bath, pimped up with the right products, can be. The ritual of locking the bathroom door (and if you have small kids this is actually a blissful act in its own right) and running a hot steaming bath filled with essential oils is actually incredibly calming in itself. Tailor your bath to how you’re feeling and you can have an almost spa-like experience in your own bathroom. 

Mont Rose Bath Salts

Mix and match salts, oils and bath foams to create a bespoke bathtime experience. Our current favorite addition to a soak is Mont Rose’s Natural Himalayan Rose Pink Salt.* These all natural salts are our immediate go-to when we’re feeling post-workout sore or are struggling to sleep at night: being a potent source of magnesium makes them a really effective muscle relaxant and sleep inducer. Pour liberally into a hot bath, soak for at least twenty minutes, and you’ll emerge feeling less achey and more relaxed. Oh, and then expect the best night’s sleep you’ve had in ages to follow. 

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