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4 Autumn make-up trends that are hitting it just right!

It feels like a LONG time since we first spied this season’s beauty trends back in Feb when Fashion Week AW ‘21 was a strictly digital affair thanks to national Covid restrictions (remember those days?) and now after the heat of summer - with all its golden glowy bases, hot lip colours and neon nails - we are SO ready for a shift in looks. Autumn seemed to appear out of nowhere (seriously, it happened overnight, right?) and with it has arrived a deliciously welcome influx of new season coats, layering pieces, boots and muted tones, and to complement our new Autumnal wardrobe we’re embracing new make-up and beauty vibes. The key trends to note? Khaki is big (on nails, leather shackets, rubber boots, eyelids, anywhere); skin is bare - glowing yes, but with no hint of tan in sight just naked, beautifully flushed and wholesome; bold vampy lines are everywhere (visible lip liner, graphic eyeliner… you get the vibe.); and, our absolute favorite beauty trend of this season: blush. Hear us out with this one, as we know what you’re thinking: what more can we do with blush? We’ve seen the TikTok blush trends, we’ve done all we can with blush right? Wrong. This season designers gave us a whole new heap of ways to wear the humble blusher (four very distinct ways, to be precise) so that it looks more modern, more flattering, more exciting than ever before. Get ready to change the way you view blush….


Trend 1: The Amped-Up Blush

To effortlessly give your blush a new season makeover, hit the bridge of your nose. Yep, this way of wearing blush has been big on TikTok but don’t let that put you off, it creates a really sun-kissed look that warms up and wakes up your face, even without any other make-up.  Aim for an effortless-looking flush  - the trick is to blend, blend, blend, so use a creamy formula, such as Floss The Concierge Cheek & Lip Tint* and get blending with your fingers. 

Trend 2: Blush Draping 

This trend involves essentially using your blush to contour your face: but forget the over-done trad way of contouring: this is far less harsh (and not to mention far more modern-looking) than using a bronzer/highlighter method of contouring. So, how’s it done? Push your blush up by blending it up near your brow bone and into your temples, taking it round at an angle to create the appearance of a higher cheekbone. Use a creamy blush for this, as it’s the easiest type to blend. 

Trend 3: Mono Make-Up

Mono make-up - using the same colour on your lids, cheeks and lips - is a foolproof way to look pulled together and super-modern. Plus it basically takes zero effort - not to mention minimum products- to achieve, and yet it creates a huge impact. A stick product is the easiest way to nail this look. Try Floss The Concierge Cheek & Lip Tint*

Trend 4: The Hayley 

We’re calling this The Hayley because Hayley Bieber is your ultimate reference for this look: it’s the new season’s no make-up make-up look and it’s everything we want our face to be when we wake up- think a touch of neutral eye shadow, poppy blush, and brushed-up brows. Skin should LOOK bare (whether it is or not, that’s up to you); your complexion should be dewy, fresh and yet softly filtered; and crucially the look shouldn’t look ‘done’ yet you should still look polished. Sounds tricky? There is definitely a fine line between pulling this off and not but you should nail it with an illuminating skin balm (try Bobbi Brown’s Illuminating Moisture Balm) layered with a pop of flushed sheer hydrating blush (try Floss The Concierge Cheek & Lip Tint) and a glossy clear brow gel. 

*you’ll find a full-sized one (one of three shades) in the October Roccabox. 

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