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6 evening wellness routines that will ease you into Autumn 

The long, bright days and seemingly endless evenings of summer have been over for a few weeks now, and we’re now embracing a return to structure and routine. Those back-to-school vibes are still strong and have undeniably given us an energy boost, but while we’re emphatically embracing that rush of returning to work/the gym/post-work plans/kids back at school and secretly enjoying the buzz of being back on the treadmill (metaphorically and physically!). We’re aware that what goes up must come back down, and being constantly switched ‘on’ can end in burnout, if we don’t keep up with the self-care routines that we became so good at during lockdown. What we’re finding now, as we throw ourselves into our new routine, is that we’re actually craving the return of darker, colder evenings because they’re encouraging us to spend more time at home- giving us the ideal opportunity to put in place some evening practices, wellness routines and night-time rituals that will help us to wind down, rebalance and re-connect at the end of each day. These are our top six tips for winding down this Autumn: the evening practices and at-home rituals that we’re favouring this month, that are guaranteed to press your re-set button.  

Set the scene with scent


The scent and action of breathing in an essential-oil blend has the power to instantly change our brain patterns, helping us to feel calmer and more grounded, so we’ve been introducing the use of calming aromas - ones that evoke memories and help us to unwind - to set the stage for our evenings at home. Candles work but we favour a stone diffuser: it is aesthetically pleasing, encouraging you to think of nature, and provides the perfect base for diffusing an oil blend. Choose your oil according to your mind’s needs that day: lavender, chamomile and rose all encourage relaxation (and sleep) while vetiver, neroli, clary sage, and geranium can help ease anxiety. 

Treat all your senses


A wellness ritual should be as holistic as possible, targeting all your senses. Remember that it isn’t only what you see, touch and smell that can induce a sense of calm and belonging, but also what you taste. Eat foods that your body and mind will associate with joy, comfort, and nourishment, and remember that nourishing your soul can be just as important as physical nourishment when it comes to self-care. Praline is something we often associate with celebrations and moments of joy especially when we choose something that can be shared - our go-to is always Raffaello. That velvety filling and balance of almond and coconut is sheer bliss. 


Do what makes you feel good


A calming night-time ritual is less about a perfectly constructed routine and more about doing what feels good. Light candles, wrap yourself in blankets, slip into cashmere loungewear, pour yourself a glass of really good red, invite your closest friends over - do whatever makes you feel emotionally nourished and helps you to find some balance. 


Re-think your lighting 


Now is a good time to reimagine a dedicated section of your interior - whether that’s your living room or your bedroom - to make it more winter-friendly. To create a more relaxing atmosphere, bring lighting to a lower level, with table lamps and short floor lamps, and replace light bulbs to provide a warmer and more yellow light. Optimise the cosiness that the earlier evenings bring by embracing the dark and opting for candlelight wherever you can,  and use soft fabric shades on lamps to help diffuse light further, making it softer and creating a more cosy ambience. 


Brew yourself a ‘golden milk’


Forget stimulating green tea and instead sip on ‘golden’ turmeric milk, rich with spicy notes of ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom. Look for ready-made blends or whisk your own version into hot steamed milk. Loaded with antioxidants (without the caffeine kick you get from tea) this mood-enhancing drink is full of warming notes and Autumnal flavours, plus it has heaps of antiviral, health-improving qualities. 


Use beauty as self-care


Evenings at home are the perfect opportunity to use all those beauty products in your bathroom cabinet that require a little longer to work; that don’t fit into your new speedy morning routine; or that you neglected while you were busy having a sociable summer. A keratin hair treatment and sheet masks are ideal for evening use, as are nourishing face and body oils that you don’t have time to let sink in on a morning. Now is also a great time to soak in an Epsom salt-rich bath- the salts are great for boosting magnesium levels, relaxing your muscles and encouraging a deeper sleep. 

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