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6 ways to incorporate room fragrance that will seriously enhance your day 

Wax Lyrical

7am: What you need: to gently invigorate your mind 

An uplifting fragrance will set the right tone to your day and will lift your body out of its slower, sluggish morning state. Just like a freshly brewed mug of coffee, the morning is when you want to be lulled gently out of your sleepiness - not jolted uncomfortably. A reed diffuser that evokes a room fragrance rich in invigorating scents - rosemary, lemon and black pepper - or scents that boost vitality, such as lemongrass, mandarin, patchouli and juniper berry - will do the trick. You’ll find uplifting and invigorating lemon and clary sage essential oils in Green Tea & Bergamot Ceramic Reed Diffuser which manages to be refreshing, without being too obvious about it. The bright notes of bergamot are skilfully softened with green tea and white lily, and a musky base adds depth so the refreshing element is more subtle. 

8am: What you need: to refresh your body 

Enhance the uplifting effects of a morning room fragrance by incorporating it into your beauty routine. Mist the refreshing and aromatic Refresh 100ml Room Spray in the bathroom, as you dry body brush your entire body, then jump into a refreshing shower. The heat from the shower will enhance its lemon-grapefruit fragrance so it envelops your senses, enhancing its effects even further. Finish your shower with an invigorating blast of cold water - start with 10 seconds and build up to a minute, over time. The effects are similar to that of wild swimming and widely reported to boost your immunity, your mood and give you one major wake-up.

10am: What you need: to concentrate in your kitchen-turned-office

We’ve become pretty skilled at WFH and are less tempted by the allure of the fridge/ Holly&Phil/ washing pile than we were back in March 2020 but we still sometimes need a little help fine-tuning our concentration. Whether you’re studying or working you need a clutter-free space that instantly makes you feel like you mean business. Even if it’s just during working hours, clear your kitchen table of all the coasters/ unopened mail/ kid’s leftovers and create a space that’s work-focused. Your laptop, diary, fave mug and a gorgeous scented candle should be enough. Burn the gorgeously aromatic Fired Earth Earl Grey & Vetivert candle and you’ll feel more grounded, focused and able to concentrate in no time. Plus the aesthetically pleasing design makes a beautiful addition to your daily working space. 

Earl Grey & Vetivert Small Candle

3pm: What you need: to boost your strength 

The 3pm slump is a very real thing. The combo of work-day fatigue, a post-lunch energy dip, and if you’re a parent, the addition of grumpy tired children returning from school, means the 3-4pm shift requires you to dig a little deeper. What you want is a fragrance that will simultaneously instill calm and strength in you. Try Sophie Conran Energies; Patchouli & Cedarwood Ceramic Reed Diffuser and we reckon you will be back to your superwoman self in time for dinner.

8pm: What you need: to improve your sex life

Lockdown becoming a bit of a passion killer? Spending every waking hour on top of your other half (and not in that way) has left many relationships lacking a little in the bedroom. Why not plan a date night - and no, the usual TV dinner in silence in front of Netflix doesn’t count - and let the warm rich allure of this stunning Chypre candle Purrfect Day Ceramic Candle set the tone for any reconnecting you need to do? Featuring intense oudh, delicate saffron, rock rose, jasmine, and musky amber, it empowers the room with an irresistibly alluring sense of femininity.  

10pm: What you need: to enhance your sleep 

Create a haven of tranquility and drift into a peaceful night’s sleep with this Sleep Candle. Good old lavender (it really does work) and patchouli essential oils will relax your mind and help you to drift off. We like to burn ours pre-bedtime as we indulge in a long soak in sleep-inducing epsom salts, and follow up with a magnesium-rich body butter to triple the effects.


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