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'All About You' Limited Edition Box Reveals

We’re so excited to show you this ultra-special limited edition box that we’ve created with all our fave women in mind. Whether you want to treat your mum for Mother’s Day, whether you’re a mum who wants to treat yourself, or whether you want to show a friend who’s lost her mum that you’re thinking of her right now, this box is the perfect gift for the special women in your life. And yes, that includes you. 

All About You Roccabox Limited Edition Beauty Box

If you’ve ever had a bad reaction to Retinol, but are desperate to reap its renowned benefits then this could be the product for you…. 

What is it? Dr Craft Bio-Bakuchiol & Rosehip Facial Oil RRP £42 (full size)

Dr .Craft	Bio-Bakuchiol & Rosehip Facial Oil

Why it made the All About You cut: Bakuchiol is the hero ingredient in this skin oil: basically nature’s equivalent of Retinol, so it delivers very similar effects, but without the irritation/sensitivity/peeling that retinol can be responsible for. Throw in vitamin A and E- rich organic rosehip seed oil, and organic apricot and grapeseed oils and you’ve got one seriously nourishing anti-ageing treatment. 

How we use ours: Just like with Retinol, we stick to using this in the PM, in place of our usual serum.

Our next reveal is a turbo-charged skin booster that is about to become your new secret skincare weapon, plus a stunning room fragrance... 

What are they?

Skimono Advanced Moisturisation Bio-Cellulose Face Mask, RRP £15 (full size)

Wax Lyrical Fired Earth Room Spray, RRP £10 in White Tea & Pomegranate or Darjeeling & Damask Rose (full size)

Skimono Mask Wax Lyrical Scent Roccabox All About You

Why Skimono made the All About You cut: If this isn’t the perfect excuse to slow down for thirty minutes, we don’t know what is. This serum-infused sheet mask is seriously hydrating and genuinely transformative. 

How we use ours: Layer the Hyaluronic acid-rich mask over our skin, pour a mug of green tea, and do sweet-FA while it works hard to replace our dehydration lines and dried out skin with a dewy, supple, plumped up complexion.

Why Wax Lyrical made the All About You cut: Self-Love is a holistic concept, so creating a soul-nourishing atmosphere around you is crucial. This hypnotic room fragrance evokes a scent designed to lift your spirits and encourage good vibes. 

How we use ours: Post 5pm, we dim the lights, pull out the blanket box to up the hygge ante, and spritz liberally around the living room as we mull over our chamomile tea (ok, Pinot Noir.)

You’ll never skip your morning cleanse again once you see the effects of this gorgeous cleanser, plus another product that will upgrade your bath from a bog-standard soak to a delicious skin-loving experience. 

Roccabox All About You Limited Edition

What is it? Skin Sapiens Gentle Facial Cleansing Gel RRP £7.99 (full size)

Why it made the All About You cut: A good morning routine starts with a really good clean, and this gentle cleanser will rid your skin of impurities, leaving it fresh, but not stripped of goodness. Plus with just 14 ingredients and absolutely nothing harsh inside it, it leaves your conscience as clean as your complexion. 

What is it? Wildtree Skincare Body Scrub Melt: Cacao £6.90 (full size)

Why it made the All About You cut: Bars have had a real resurgence lately, and this exfoliating bar crammed with some delectable ingredients - cacao, shea butter and organic cane sugar - is a delight to use. Just buffing our bodies with it a couple of times a month leaves skin visibly brighter, baby-soft and smelling like dessert.   

How we use ours: as a self-indulgent treat two or three times a month, particularly when our skin is looking dull and in need of a good exfoliation. 

Fragrance plays such a big part in our emotions – a scent has the power to lift us or flatten us in an instant – so an All About You beauty edit simply had to include a distinctive and intoxicating scent. Plus, since lash extensions were put on hold, this has been our next-best-thing.... 

All About You Limited Edition Box

What is it? Kierin NYC Flirt or Nitro Noir (sample size)

Why it made the All About you cut: This cult fragrance brand that hails from New York is seriously disrupting the fragrance scene – its scents are inspired by real NYC stories and the energetic vibes of NYC’s urban lifestyle. They’re all genderless and individualistic, and they celebrate inclusion. How could we resist?

How we use ours: Every morning post-shower and pre-commute from our bedroom to the living room. It instantly lifts our mood and makes us feel more dressed up - reminding us of the days when we had a reason to get dressed up. Which we will, of course, get again soon. 

What is it? CODE Beautiful CODE FFL Forget Fake Lashes RRP £18 (full size)

Why it made the All About You cut: Lash extensions obviously fell by the wayside this last year - and never leaving your home means false lashes are a no-no. Luckily for us, we discovered we could fatten up our own (admittedly rather short and sparse) natural lashes in a far easier way with this pre-mascara lash plumper. Plus it conditions while it coats, leaving lashes naturally nourished and feeling loved. 

How we use ours: Before any kind of virtual interaction/ trip to the supermarket/ hour of walking we relish in layering it on our lashes and feeling a little better about ourselves. 

Roccabox All About You Limited Edition Box

This box goes on sale on the 28th February at 9am for VIP early sign ups! Sign up here: 

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