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April 2020: Beautyscopes

April is the month of acceptance, which quite suits this strange time! As we are welcoming Spring with open arms, we are right in the middle of the unpredictable Spring eclipse season. Naturally, as humans, we don’t like change so eclipses of such can alter our moods. However, in a nutshell, April is about acceptance of ourselves, others and everything around us. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean letting yourself go, you still have to fight and continue the things you want in life. So, although life might seem a little on hold right now, this doesn’t mean you should be. Read below for each sign’s fate this month. 

April 2020 Horoscopes


It’s your birth month this month, we know! Not only is it your birthday, the sun is on your side for most of the month, meaning your motivation levels are high - maybe it’s time to try something new? Whether you’re celebrating your birthday with close family, or your friends on Zoom, the highlighting cream is going to be your best friend this month, giving you that extra jazz for whatever you do! 


The first three weeks of April are mostly quiet, private & relaxing times for Taurus, so don’t feel bad if you don’t feel like joining in every house party call over the weekend! This time can make you feel unsettled, but try to create time to unwind, creating safe sleep spaces, try using the lavender sleep spray if you are struggling to sleep!


Gemini’s, this is your month! You’re feeling outgoing & bold this month, so if there’s any time to try a new beauty regime, or reset your skincare routine, it is now! We looove the Nip + Fab Vitamin C Fix Sheet Mask, it will make your extroverted mood even better this month. 


This tends to be a month based around your career Cancerians, and also a moment for you to take leadership roles that will naturally fall your way. With all this working and business-focused thoughts, it’s important to take time for yourself. We recommend ensuring that you, or your skin doesn’t dry out with the Dr Botanicals Lemon Superfood all-in-one Rescue Butter (and an episode of your favourite Netflix show).


This month it is your turn to broaden your knowledge and challenge yourself, if you're struggling to do that at the moment, get creative with ideas, perhaps learn a language online, or become a selfie-fantastic influencer online. Just pop on the Lip Plumper and get selfie-ready!


Seems to be your lucky month, you’re naturally secluded during this month, which suits well with the current circumstances, that’s not to say you won’t get cabin fever. So, keep busy, rearrange your wardrobe, or clean your make-up brushes, whatever it is you need to do, now is the perfect time. 


Relationships are your thing this month, whether that’s with family, friends or potential lovers, you will know. Make sure to be keeping connections with loved ones, and making a little bit more effort to keep in touch. Perhaps it’s time to send a friend a little gift as a little pick me up?


Self-care and decluttering are important for you this month as fitness and organisation are your main focuses. Decluttering of physical objects is important, but also of the mind. Try to set time to sit and unwind, why not have a warm bubble bath followed by a relaxing OFFBLAK herbal tea?


Unfortunately, this is your month of creativity, getting out there & socialising… Don’t worry though, there are plenty of ways you can revert this energy to safe and effective activities. Get creative with your home decor, or try a new make-up look you’ve never had the time to do!


You’re probably appreciating some downtime at the moment, with your sun in Aries. Make the most of this time to appreciate all the little things you may not usually appreciate!


Similar to your Sagittarius babes, this is the perfect time for you to be creative and socialise! Why not pop on your CODE Beautiful lip gloss, your favourite top and chat to your besties. 


You will feel like organisation and planning are your savour this month, although it might feel difficult at times, you can still control some things. Why not create a workout routine for the next month which suits you, or perfect your hair care routine so your next zoom hinge date is fire!

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