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August Sneak Peek 1: Spectrum Collection Brushes

Your make-up bag needs these brushes...


This month, your August Glow Up Roccabox will contain either one of these two must-have makeup brushes from Spectrum Collection. Read below to see why we love them.  

Spectrum Collection Domed Powder Brush

If a dusting of bronzing powder your go-to look right now? Then you need this brush in your life. The Spectrum Collection Domed Powder Brush (£9.99) is EXACTLY the right size and shape for evenly dispersing fine powders- so it’s the ideal way to apply your favourite bronzing powder. 

So how does it work? The bristles are shaped to gently grip to the contours of your face- making sure you get just the right amount of bronzing product on your skin and nailing a flawless finish. You’ll find one in your August Roccabox.

Spectrum Collection Oval Foundation Brush

Not quite ready to ditch your foundation for summer? Then don’t. But DO add Spectrum Collection’s Oval Foundation Brush (£8.99) to your make-up bag: you’ll love how it cleverly clings to your facial contours giving your base an ultra-smooth and even finish. Super important now that the sun is shining and ready to flag up any streaks...

You’ll find this brush - as well as three/four other glow-enhancing essentials - in your August Roccabox.


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