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August Sneak Peek: INC.redible

We’re bringing a little shimmer to your August with this INC.redible highlighting pigment pot! 

Why do we love it?

There is no way you can be an under-the-sea babe without a little glitter… These shimmer pigment pots can be used on your eyes, lips and cheeks. We love it because it’s multitasking and it is glittery, do we need another reason? You’ll receive either the READY TO BE FAMOUS shade which is a strobing gold with a colour flip baby pink pigment, or the HAVE I GOT YOUR ATTENTION, a golden bronze! Both perfect for all mermaid Roccababes.

How do we use it?

  1. Load up your finger or brush with pigment and apply as generously as you like across your eyes
  2. Alternatively use as a highlighter to your cheekbone, bridge of the nose and any areas which naturally catch the light  

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