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Courtney Green Limited Edition Box Sale

Courtney Green - Roccabox

What is it: Illamasqua Antimatter Lipstick, Rocket (full size) RRP £17.00

Why it made Courtney’s cut: Courtney’s go-to make-up look for a night out is a red lip: she firmly believes every girl needs the perfect red lippie in their make-up bag. This one is long-wearing, bridges the gap between matte and creamy, and doesn’t budge through hours of filming or shooting. You can see why it’s a big hit with her.  

How we use ours: We love that the semi-matte finish works both during the day for Zoom calls and coffee/walking dates but also at night for garden drinks round the firepit. 

Courtney Green Beauty Box Illamasqua Jecca

What is it: Jecca Blac Glow Drops, Champagne (full size) RRP £16.00

Why it made Courtney’s cut: Courtney champions this for smashing out that signature glow of hers (“A girl full of glow, that’s my motto!”) They seriously transform your face from dull to dewy and elevate your look to seriously glowing levels. 

How we use ours: Although the drops can be used all over, mixed in with moisturiser, for an all-over glow, they are ideal for adding some sparkle to the high points of your face as well as your collarbones. We use ours as a final finishing touch - adding to our cheekbones, to complete our look, just as Courtney does. 

What is it: GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment (deluxe sample size) RRP £6.30

Why it made Courtney’s cut: Have you actually seen Courtney’s skin? Clear, glowing and downright radiant. YES it’s mostly down to good genes, but she does admit to getting a helping hand from this genius treatment, when things are looking a little congested/ blemished/ dull (no, we can’t believe she has those days either…)

How we use ours: The activated charcoal helps to draw out dirt, oil, congestion and impurities leaving pores looking refined and skin looking instantly more mattified - and it packs a powerful punch (sometimes ours has a little tingle!) so we use it just once a week when our skin is in need of a boost. 


What is it: GLAMGLOW Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturiser, Nude Glow (deluxe sample size) £5.18

Why it made Courtney’s cut:  Hailed as one of her favourite moisturisers because it’s so illuminating and hydrating, thanks to Hyaluronic Acid and other skin-loving ingredients, Courtney says it’s particularly amazing under make-up ‘as it preps skin with a dewy appearance’. Can’t argue with that...

How we use ours: If we’re going for a super-dewy glow then we’ll layer this under our base, or wear it alone for a nude but radiant complexion.

What is it: NIP + FAB Vitamin C Fix Cleanser,  (full size) RRP £12.95

Why it made Courtney’s cut: In case we haven’t pointed this out enough this month - Courtney’s skin is major complexion goals. She has recently introduced vitamin C as she loves how it brightens instantly  - this is her chosen product for her morning cleanse, leaving her with that gorgeous radiant look we all covet.

How we use ours: Perfect morning and night, but we particularly love this face wash cleanser’s ability to brighten as it refreshes our skin, first thing on a morning. 

What is it: SMUG Silk Luxury Sleep Mask, (full size) RRP £15.00

Why it made Courtney’s cut: Courtney really rates this for protecting her lash extensions as she sleeps. Plus the gorgeous silky fabric feels amazing on your skin. 

How we use ours: Do we really need to explain this one? We love our beauty sleep. 

What is it: Stila Vivid Waterproof Smudge Stick, Vivid Smoky Quartz Smudge (full size) £16.00 

Why it made Courtney’s cut: You know that smoky sultry eye that Courtney just nails every time? A slick of brown liner on her waterline is her secret.

How we use ours: We love how much depth we can add to our eyes with just a quick line and smudge of this genius eye stick. We like to add to both upper and lower lash lines and then smudge for a super sexy finish, before upping the intensity by adding an extra line to the inside of both waterlines.  

Stila Courtney Green

What is it: NIP + FAB No Needle Fix Eye Sheet Mask (full size) RRP £6.00

Why it made Courtney’s cut: An eye mask is an essential part of Courtney’s pre-filming routine. Collagen-boosting ingredients and hyaluronic acid delivered directly to your eye contours makes for one instantly de-puffed, hydrated eye area with the appearance of fine lines reduced as a major bonus.

How we use ours: Once a week - unfold the eye mask and place carefully on pre-cleansed skin. Leave for twenty minutes and then we gently massage in the remaining essence onto the skin. 

Courtney Green Box

This box goes on sale on 18/04/21 at 1pm. Worth over £94 and yours for just £25. Sign up for box updates here. 

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