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Cultured Biomecare Limited Edition ROCCABOX

Cultured Biomecare is a brand that’s caught the attention of skincare experts (and most definitely us). It’s powered by FutureFerments™, which uses the process of fermentation. This transforms ingredients into nutrient-dense super-actives which are more dense, more easily absorbed and more supportive of your skin microbiome*.

*The skin's microbiome is a complex ecosystem of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other microorganisms that inhabit the surface of your skin.

We’ve partnered with Cultured Biomecare to bring you an edit of 4 of their hero products, worth £165. Let’s discover them below. 

ROCCABOX x Cultured Biomecare Limited Edition Box

Cleansing Balm 100ml (full size) RRP £32

What it is: A revolutionary balm-in-pump formula packed with a powerhouse of replenishing fermented oils and actives that lifts and melts away dirt, pollution and make-up, without stripping your skin. 

Why you’ll love it: With a potent antioxidant complex that works to support cell defence and skin vitality, this honey-textured balm removes all impurities from the face and delicate eye area without drying, irritating or compromising the skin barrier or microbiome. FutureFerments™ of algae and micro-algae act as nutrient-rich superfoods, delivering a broad-spectrum prebiotic effect that leaves skin restored to its healthy, glowing best.

Biome One Rejuvenating Serum (full size) RRP £55

What it is: A turbocharged serum that transforms your skin’s health and appearance using cutting-edge fermented actives and Biome-science. 

Why you’ll love it: Our serum has a weightless, silky texture that absorbs in an instant. It's powered by FutureFerments™ - new-era actives that relaunch the skin’s natural power of self-regeneration and renewal. Fermented Hyaluronic Acid and prebiotic Inulin flood the skin with hydration, fortifying the skin barrier and microbiome. It also contains an antioxidant complex, which delivers potent cellular defence. Skin is left protected, strengthened and at its visibly healthiest, ageless best.

Biome One Mask 60ml (full size) RRP £48

What it is: A clarifying radiance mask that instantly brightens and resurfaces, without compromising the skin barrier and microbiome.

Why you’ll love it: In need of a skin overhaul? This texture-transforming mask is the answer to your prayers. Its sumptuous, jelly-like texture infused with exfoliating and hydrating Super Ferments & Actives speed up skin self-renewal, improves skin clarity, and leaves your complexion radiant and glowing, all without compromising your skin’s health

Fortitude Face Mist 60ml (full size) £30

What it is: A hydrating, skin-shielding face mist that uses advanced biomescience to combat the effects of urban pollution and digital photoaging.

Why you’ll love it: Perfect for use on all skin types, any time of the day, this replenishing and protecting must-have mist is powered by FutureFerments™ - turbocharged actives that offer transformative skin results, while reinforcing the skin’s natural shield against modern-day damage.

You can get this box here for just £45. 

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