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December Sneak Peek: Figs & Rouge

3 foolproof ways to get your skin glowing for Christmas

Glowing skin has to be the holy grail of beauty, right? It’s a quality that we all seem to strive for, regardless of our skin type, colour and tone. A lit-from-within radiance, with just the right level of suppleness and dewiness, a healthy flush of colour and wholesome level of luminosity: glowing skin isn’t just a look, it’s an energy. Let’s be real, a glowing complexion is primarily so beautiful because it indicates good health and happiness: so what you put inside your body and how you live your life plays a huge role in achieving that lustful finish. But skincare, certain tools, a handful of clever products and the right techniques can definitely go a long way in helping to achieve that elusive glow. So if you want to get your skin glowing in time for all those Christmas parties, then here are three foolproof ways to get your skin radiating, just in time for party season. They come courtesy of a dermatologist, a beauty editor and a make-up artist- so you can be sure they actually work.  

The dermatologists tip for naturally boosting your radiance: 

“The three most important products in your journey to more radiant skin are an exfoliator, a vitamin c serum, and a retinol product. Ideally you’ll layer with an oil or moisturiser with really hydrating properties too. On a morning cleansing is your first step, before exfoliating - ideally using a chemical exfoliant using AHA’s, such as Glycolic Acid, which will then help to get rid of the dull top layer of cells. Next apply a topical antioxidant- a vitamin C serum, ideally with the addition of Ferulic Acid (this makes for a really potent duo) and hydrating Hyaluronic Acid - and then finish with a dew-enhancing incredibly plumping oil or moisturiser, giving a really great massage as you do so. At night, use a retinol product that suits your own skin type - and remember to then always use SPF the following day.”


The beauty editor’s trick for mastering a natural glow:

“Massage is a great way to enhance your external glow: it works instantly giving a healthy looking flush to the skin and then with regular practice over time it works cumulatively, boosting your skin’s glow on a more permanent basis. It primarily works by boosting your circulation and draining your lymphs, which over time can really help to define your facial contours and create a more lifted-looking firm and beaming skin. Try a two-minute face massage, using your fingertips to massage a serum or oil into your face before applying makeup each morning. On an evening up the ante a little with a Gua Sha or even a short ‘face workout.’ (check out Face Gym for ideas) If manual massage isn’t cutting it, you could also try a microcurrent device: these deliver electric currents into your skin, leaving your face firmer and more luminous with regular use. NuFace do a range that is worth checking out.”

The make-up artist’s product for faking a lit-from-within shine:

“A real natural boost in your skin’s radiance requires time, a little effort, the right products and a good diet. But there are definitely a handful of effective quick fixes that you can use to faux your glow, or enhance your own natural glow, if you’re short on time. A product that will boost your foundation and luminize your skin with an even all-over sheen tends to do the trick better - and with more conviction - than a highlighter product. Add a few drops of an illuminator, such as Figs & Rouge Charm Glow Elixir, £34*, to your foundation (or whatever base you usually use- they can usually be blended with a tinted moisturiser, tinted serum or BB cream to a similar effect) to intensify your natural glow. Look for a product that will not only enhance and illuminate your skin but will nourish it too for added glow-factor. This particular elixir is actually a serum/make-up hybrid so it treats your complexion naturally, with skin-nourishing ingredients (hydrating hyaluronic acid; brightening vitamin c; protective vitamin e; smoothing rose water) while it sits on your skin. Of course, no make-up is a replacement for skin that glows naturally out of good health, but with a product like this in your make-up arsenal you stand a far better chance you can certainly enhance your complexion, fairly noticeably, in the short term.”

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By Sarah Edge

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