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How to use an eyeshadow palette like a make-up artist

If there was one skill you could steal from a make-up artist what would it be? When we asked the Roccabox team the unanimous answer was ‘applying and blending eyeshadow.’ It seems that the perfect eye crease that’s both subtly flattering and eye-catchingly striking is something we’d all love to nail - and figuring out how to REALLY use an eyeshadow palette and fully get the benefit of all the shades comes in a close second. So we’ve pressed a handful of celebrity make-up artists for their easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to using an eyeshadow palette like a pro. Here goes:

Step 1: Find a neutral base “After applying a gripping lid primer, pick the most neutral shade from a palette, such as Laritzy’s Artistry Palette, £25 to create a neutral base for your shadow.” Note this is the most neutral shade- not the lightest. It’s a little like choosing a foundation for your eye: it will create an even tone from which you can build up the rest of your look. Sweep this color over the entire lid up to the brow bone. Additional pro tip: ditch the foam applicators and use a medium-large sized eyeshadow brush for this. 

Step 2: Choose your ‘crease’ shade “Next you’re going to blend a darker shade into your crease, to add definition. Start from the inside of the eye with a thinner line that grows thicker as it extends to the outside of the crease, buffing and blending into the crease. If you have hooded eyes, you tend to not really be able to see what's going on on the lid, so aim to go a little past your natural crease.” When it comes to choosing your shade, follow this guide: If you’re using a 3-colour palette, choose the darkest shade. If you have a 4-colour palette, choose the third darkest. If you’re using the Laritzy Artistry ‘Burnt’ Palette £25 from your December Roccabox, opt for the Crumble shade. If you're not using a palette, use a colour that's in the same family as your neutral. 

Step 3: Use the shimmer shades If you feel your eyes still need more color, you can take the lightest coloured shimmer in your palette and blend it in just above your crease, across your browbone. If you really want to make your eyes pop then press a medium coloured shimmer shade from your palette into the centre of your lid.”

Step 4: Press the lightest matte shade into the inside corner “To open up eyes, press your little finger into the lightest color of the palette and then press into the inside corner of your eye.” This is the makeup artist's secret for making eyes appear wider and more awake. You don't want to press too much color into your eye, or it won't look as natural.

You’ll find the full size Laritzy Artistry Palette in Burn, worth £2, inside our December Roccabox

By Sarah Edge

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