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December Winter Skin Saviours: Sneak Peek 1

Winter causes havoc on our skin (well ours anyway). The drop in temperature means our skin loses moisture so much faster and needs an extra hit of hydration whenever possible. 

That’s why we’ve created our December  ‘Winter Skin Saviours’ ROCCABOX, a curated selection of skincare products with dry winter skin in mind. We’ve covered all bases (lips, hands and face) and we’ve spent weeks testing these hydrating heroes (just for you) and we simply cannot recommend them enough. Worth over £104, it’s time to glow this winter. 

Let’s meet your first sneak peek from Dr Botanicals. This vegan-certified product proudly boasts a formulation derived solely from natural ingredients. The key to the serum's efficacy lies in its refined blend of botanical actives, each carefully chosen to boost skin’s health and appearance.  

1) Geranium Flower Oil

This botanical wonder oil takes centre stage, working tirelessly to even out the skin tone and complexion. The dual action of firming and plumping leaves you with a radiant and revitalised appearance.

2) Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil

Nature's hydration hero, Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil, joins the ensemble to promote skin hydration. As it penetrates the skin's layers, it works to nurture and replenish, providing the foundation for healthier-looking skin. Yay. 

3) Neroli Oil

The final note, Neroli Oil, seeks to improve skin health by reducing uneven skin tone and visible blemishes. Its calming properties also help soothe stressed skin. 

Get this wonder serum in our December ROCCABOX from just £13 per month.

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