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Discover Our Doctors Formula Limited Edition Box

Every so often a brand appears on our radar that we just know will deliver on every product. When we first discovered Doctors Formula we felt sure we were onto a winner (its Probiotics range of products is pioneering and has earned itself a cult following) and as we’ve tried and tested more and more of the brand’s products it’s become a firm Roccabox fave.
Infused with power-packed ingredients Doctors Formula’s genius products have a cosmeceutical background - so they harness the very best active ingredients on the market, which have been clinically proven to have corrective results on the skin. 
Whether your issue is hormone-related acne, pollution-related dullness or age-related fine lines, there’s a Doctors Formula prescription for it. This is a collection of the skincare and body products we have tried, tested, fallen in love with and given permanent status in our bathroom cabinets. We reckon you’ll do the same...
Look at this as your secret weapon when skin is going through a dull phase. These high potency ‘shots’ will slip seamlessly into your current skincare regime, turbo-charging your skin and giving it an intense dose of brightening, energising, radiance-boosting ingredients when it really needs it. Expect to see more luminous glowy skin after adding this seven-day dose to your current routine. 
This night cream contains a unique blend of Probiotic ingredients which work together to replenish moisture, so you wake up to a visibly smoother and more radiant complexion. Cleverly this genius formula helps to maximise cell regeneration- keeping your skin hydrated whilst you sleep, which happens to be when your skin's trans-epidermal water loss is at its highest. The much-hyped probiotic ingredients are also excellent at repairing damage, fighting acne-provoking bugs and boosting your skin’s defences against the free radicals that can leave skin unhealthy and dull. A true multi-tasker that targets so many concerns.
Rich in fatty acids this delicious oil blend is super effective at preventing stretch marks - making it a genius formula in our books. Just to make it even more special, it doubles up as a nourishing treatment for nails, hair and scalp. Despite being incredibly indulgent on the skin - nourishing, rehydrating and boosting suppleness and elasticity - this body oil is actually incredibly lightweight, making it the perfect post-shower treatment for hydrating dry limbs. A clever hard-working product that’s a real luxury to use. 
The brightening, gently exfoliating, tightening effect of this body treatment makes it an excellent tool for achieving visibly firmer and more taut skin. Happily it doesn’t leave a tacky residue, and the skin brightening effect is instant, so combined with daily massage it makes a really effective daily treatment for improving skin’s texture and minimising the appearance of wrinkles and looser areas of skin. 
We all know how incredibly hydrating Hyaluronic Acid is, so it’s no surprise that layering this skin-boosting serum on to cleansed skin before your moisturiser will majorly quench dry thirsty complexions, plumping up dehydration lines and leaving skin comfortable, hydrated and glowing. What takes this formula to the next level though is the clever addition of Citric Acid - an AHA which gently lifts dead skin cells, leaving skin exfoliated and brighter, and prime for absorbing all that gorgeous hydrating Hyaluronic Acid. 
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