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DIY bridal lashes: what you really need to know

Booking a make-up artist to do your big-day make-up is an absolute given for many brides. It’s a no-brainer isn’t it? You want to look your very best and who better to make that happen than a pro? But what if you don’t want/need/can’t afford a make-up artist to do your bridal look? There’s a growing number of brides-to-be that are now shunning the professionals and plumping to do their own make-up on the day. Maybe you’re getting married abroad and don’t want to risk booking a make-up artist without the peace of mind of a trial sesh? Perhaps after the videographer, bridesmaid shoes and wedding favours there’s nothing left in the pot or maybe you only trust yourself to get YOUR look just right. No matter the reason, we’ve got you covered. Or at least we’ve got your lashes covered. Aside from brows, lashes are key to enhancing your eyes. Yes, eyeshadow and eyeliner are hugely important, but the right lashes will really open up and brighten the eyes, flattering and enhancing the eye shape and potentially changing your whole look. When it comes to enhanced bridal lashes there are a few potential options, so here’s our guide:

Professional individual lash extensions (before the big day)

Go for if…

  • It’s a destination wedding or you’re heading straight off on your honeymoon after. Applied correctly by a professional lash master these individual lash extensions should last a minimum of three weeks before you need a top up. You can head to the pool or beach, day after day, with absolutely no mascara or liner, knowing that your eyes look ‘done.’
  • You have lots of lashes but they’re very thin, short or both. This is the perfect base for professionally applied individual lash extensions so go forth and book yourself in. Ask for length, volume or both.
  • You want to create the impression of a certain eye shape. Tell your lash technician whether you’d prefer a more feline eye shape or wide-awake doe-eye look, and a good lash stylist can add shorter and longer lashes accordingly to create the impression you prefer.

Try: Asking around locally for recommendations. Once you have found a tried-and-tested professional think about whether you need a (waterproof) mascara to finish the look and give an even bolder finish.

Eyelash curlers (on the big day)

Go for if…

  • You wear glasses. If you’re a spectacle wearer you’ll know how irritating it can be when long falsies flutter against your lenses. Being irritated on your wedding day is not the aim – so leave those false lashes well alone and stick to adding curl to create the impression of length (rather than, you know, adding actual length) instead.
  • You don’t trust yourself to stick on your lashes. Butter-fingers, an anxious disposition, big-day nerves…all good reasons to keep strip lashes, glue and tweezers well eye from your eyes.
  • You have very sensitive eyes and are concerned that adhesive – rather than tears of joy – will make your eyes stream.
  • You prefer the natural look. Your husband-to-be loves you just the way you are, so why change what he loves? If your lashes are already your best feature then don’t go messing.
  • You already have long eyelashes but they’re very straight. You don’t need the length that comes with fake lashes so make the most of your own lovely long lashes and just add the curl. Try heating the curlers under the hairdryer before curling your lashes. The curl will be more dramatic and long-lasting. Be sure to test the temperature of the curlers before using them – if there’s ever a good day to scald your eyelid (and we don’t think there is) it’s most definitely not your wedding day.

Try: Vintage Cosmetic Company Eyelash Curlers £7

False strip lashes (on the big day)

Go for if…

  • You love a dramatic fuller eye look. Strip lashes range drastically from natural light and fluttery to full-on drama, and while most brides will lean slightly more to the natural end of the spectrum, some brides will want the bold, dramatic cats-eye effect that you can only really get from a strip lash.
  • It’s an evening wedding. Again, this comes down to how intense you want your lashes to look, but generally for an evening wedding, when it is slightly darker and you can take a heavier make-up look, you can get away with a thicker strip of lashes.
  • If you’re concerned that lash extensions will damage your own lashes (the professionals are divided on whether they do or not) but you still want the added length and volume you get from falsies then you’re pretty safe with these. The glue isn’t strong enough to rip your own lashes out but should keep them fixed in place all day and night

 Try: The huge range of lashes at Eylure

Would you do your own make-up on your wedding day? We want to know your thoughts! Tell us below…

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