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Epidermal Research Centre Marine Collagen Skincare Box

Epidermal Research Centre is a pioneering brand in skincare solutions that truly makes a visible difference. With over 30 years of experience and thousands of consumer skin consultations within the clinical, high street, and salon spa environment, the company embarked on a journey in 2018 to create a micro skincare collection that's readily absorbed and works in synergy with one's skin. They really know what they’re talking about. 

Epidermal Research Centre ROCCABOX Marine Collagen

They also just LOVE skin and everyone deserves GREAT skin (especially in Winter). That’s why they introduced their premier Marine Collagen micro skincare collection, it’s results-focused and has been tried and tested to provide visible anti-aging results for a more youthful, luminous, and hydrated appearance. Sold. 

Plus, everything is made in the UK and they’re absolutely always cruelty free! We can’t wait for you to try. Let’s discover the box: 

Day Use 

Anti-Ageing Serum 30ml (full size) RRP £105 

What is it: This product harnesses the power of a collagen amino acid complex that absorbs moisture from the air to elevate the "retention effect" within the skin. Enriched with retinol, a potent source of Vitamin A, this serum accelerates cell turnover, resulting in fresher and smoother skin. Specifically formulated to address anti-aging skincare concerns, it combats wrinkles and uneven skin tones for a rejuvenated complexion. It’s a MUST have in any winter skin routine. 

How to use: Apply to freshly cleansed skin, making sure to include neck and décolletage.

Super Anti-Ageing Day Moisturiser 50ml (full size) RRP £110 

What is it: This moisturiser features a Collagen bi-phase approach for effective skin protection and hydration. The collagen amino acid complex is hygroscopic, enhancing moisture retention throughout the day. This formula increases skin flexibility, resulting in deeply conditioned and more youthful-looking skin. Hydrolyzed collagen improves elasticity and prevents dehydration with its high moisture retention properties.

How to use: Apply after serums each morning. Remember to follow with SPF!

Day and Night Use 

Original Instant Eye Hydration 15ml (full size) RRP £99 

What is it: Ideal for both morning and evening use, this light-textured eye cream provides instant hydration to the delicate eye area. The skin around the eyes is up to 10 times finer than the rest of the face and prone to rapid moisture loss, so this special formula is enriched with fatty acids for just that, it works to fortify the moisture barrier, contributing to a smoother appearance in the delicate eye region. 

How to use: Using your ring finger pat the product around the eye, careful not to pull the skin. 

Night Use 

Super Anti-Ageing Night Moisturiser 50ml (full size) RRP £119 

What is it? Crafted with collagen amino acids, this night-time hero is designed to saturate the skin with hydration and enable the deep penetration of active ingredients. It mimics the skin's natural collagen-supportive mesh-like structure, fortifying skin density. It supports the skin's inherent repair mechanism, promoting renewed skin vibrancy and a youthful glow, all while you sleep! Epic. 

How to use: Use nightly after serums. Be sure to cover your neck and can be used on hands for a hit of hydration. 

8 Hour Advanced Repair Mask 50ml (full size) RRP £95 

What is it: This mask goes beyond conventional skincare. As you sleep, it delicately exfoliates, detoxifies, and soothes the skin. The key benefits of this mask include elevated skin moisture retention levels, improved elasticity and hydration. A must-have for these cold Winter months and anyone suffering with dry skin. 

How to use: Use twice weekly as a replacement treatment for your nightly moisturiser. 

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Epidermal Research Centre ROCCABOX

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