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Everything you need to know about the hottest skincare movement of 2022

Every beauty editor, dermatologist and brand is shouting about ‘kind beauty’ right now, earning it the prestigious title of ‘top emerging beauty movement’ of 2022. But, what the heck is it? We’re here to answer your burning questions. 

I keep reading about ‘kind beauty’ but what exactly does it mean? 

“The ‘kind beauty’ movement encapsulates our steadily growing desire to pare back to a more gentle and less regimented approach to beauty. There’s a growing trend towards us choosing kind formulas over abrasive actives; opting for ingredients that encourage calmness, nourishment and repair, over those that strip away. In fact, skin kindness is predicted to be one of the hottest beauty trends of 2022.” 

How can I take a kinder approach in my own skincare routine? 

“An intuitive approach is your best starting point. Think about how your skin FEELS and what you instinctively sense it needs each time you use a product. So instead of reaching for a product religiously and habitually ‘just because’ it is a part of your regular routine, look at each morning and evening as an entirely new chapter for your skin and use that time to respond to your skin’s needs there and then. ‘Feeling like your skin is more sensitised today? Ditch the triple-cleanse and use a serum that will encourage the skin’s natural barrier to repair itself; Looking more clogged than usual today? Now might be a good time to use an acid, because your skin quite possibly needs that right now, but go easy on anything that could then clog it further, by sticking to lighter formulas.’ That sort of approach. 

What about kind bodycare? 

“Look for products that feed your soul with kindness, as well as your skin. Choose nourishing body butters that encourage relaxation; opt for gentle formulas; if you’re incorporating specialist products (refining serums, toning products, skin-firming body creams) then choose those that boost growth and repair - both positive actions - as opposed to those that remove and take away. Look for therapeutic bodycare: think about the products that will make you feel good while you’re using them and afterwards.” 

So, it isn’t simply about switching to ‘all-natural’ products then? 

“While natural products with fewer chemicals certainly can have a place in a kinder skin routine, they don’t have to dominate it, no. Aiming to optimize the skin’s barrier, nourish, balance and calm should be a priority, and natural chemical-free products aren’t always the best-placed to do this.” 

How else can I adopt a kinder approach to beauty? 

“Start by relinquishing some control when it comes to your skincare- allow your skin to function in the way nature intended. Giving your skin the chance to breathe will help you to spot any underlying issues and allow you to identify areas of your lifestyle that may be having an effect on your skin. Think of your skin as an ecosystem - a 7-part skincare regime with a cacophony of products used twice a day can be really disruptive to your skin and can deplete it of the microorganisms that it relies on to control inflammation. The aim is to encourage skin that is healthy, stable and balanced and that can function well, without becoming dependent on a heap of skincare products and ingredients.” 

How do I know if I need to embrace ‘kind beauty’? 

“Unless you’re currently following a prescribed skincare regime or under the care of a dermatologist, there shouldn’t be any harm in adopting a kinder regime to see how your skin can benefit. It’s a movement that is growing for good reason, so it’s definitely worth a try, particularly if your skin is showing signs of inflammation, irritation or sensitivity.” 

Is this face mask the closest you’ll get to needle-free Botox? 

Botox most definitely has its place in life. Forget the outdated comparisons to poison: as part of a responsible anti-ageing skincare regime, Botox can be an incredibly effective and safe way to smooth out existing wrinkles and prevent the forming of further. It isn’t for everyone, but it is for many, and that’s perfectly ok. But for those that aren’t yet ready, never will be ready, are too nervous, can’t afford it or simply don’t fancy it there are products out there that can offer a small and albeit far gentler dose of the smoothing, radiance-enhancing, contour-gripping effects of Botox. And these work just as well for all those Botox devotees who simply wish to further their time between appointments (which are costly and time-consuming) without succumbing to too much wrinkle-formation. 

One such genius product is Monu Skin’s Flash Relax Mask, £36*. Whether you’re looking for a gentler alternative to botox or you’re a Botox fan wanting to prolong its results, you should try this. One of our team discovered it when her Botox nurse came down with Covid and had to cancel her appointment in the run up to her best friend’s wedding. “It was a nightmare. I didn’t realise how much I relied on Botox to iron out my lines and boost my skin confidence. I have fairly ‘expressive’ skin, and as I was due to be a bridesmaid in a fortnight’s time I went on the hunt for a product that would provide instant -albeit temporary - smoothing of my fine lines. I was recommended Monu Skin’s Flash Relax Mask by a friend who noticed it made a huge difference to her dehydration lines.

I tried it and have never looked back. Don’t get me wrong I’m still committed to a little baby Botox, but I no longer feel panicked if I can’t get an appointment.” Ideal for use before a big event this formula works to subtly iron out fine lines whilst firming facial contours- cue an instantly smoother and more radiant complexion. The key apparently is in its Ginseng and Magnesium - which gently relax the muscles to provide a smoothing and lifting effect. Botox tends to have an overall brightening effect on the skin - possibly through the appearance of ‘tightening’ - and this mask mimics that with the clever addition of Vitamins C and B5. These naturally boost radiance whilst restoring moisture and intensively hydrating: which together has a similar brightening effect. 

By no means are we suggesting a non-invasive mask can totally replicate the results you get from a needle - otherwise an entire industry would fall to its knees - but for a tiny fraction of the price, zero pain, swelling or bruising and no appointment necessary, this lovely mask can give you a healthy glow and next-level smoothness that suggests you’ve definitely done something worthy to your skin. And that is definitely something we can get on board with. 

*You’ll find one in your May Roccabox.

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