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Fake your beauty sleep in fifteen minutes flat


Been burning the candles at both ends? Of course you have! Who doesn’t spend the entire month of December foregoing sleep in favour of Prosecco nights and bottomless brunches, while permanently reasoning with themself that ‘it’s Christmas’ (we conveniently forget that Christmas is actually just one day. But let’s not be a stickler for detail.) While it’s all fun and games (very fun) the first casualty of all these nights out - apart from sleep - is our skin. Turning pale (even under that contouring), slightly spotty and just generally rather blah, while we’re the life and soul of the party, our skin is gradually becoming lifeless. It’s the first giveaway that you’ve not been getting your eight hours, sticking to a healthy diet (Terry’s chocolate orange does NOT count towards your five a day) or - gasp - taking your make-up off properly at before bed. But fear not, while there are only ten more days left to party like it’s 2017, make the most of it. Just stock up on the following skin-saviours and make-up heroes, and you can fake a glow that says ‘I had a facial, followed by ten hours sleep.’ When in reality... well, let’s not go there.

Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Eye Rescue £40

The eye cream version of Charlotte’s seriously amazing Magic Cream is as good at plumping out fine lines and pepping up your peepers as you would expect from an A-list fave. Use on a morning to pad out dehydration lines caused by too much booze, but don't apply any at night: little known fact, eye creams can actually cause puffiness, exacerbating the effects of a late night.

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Cheek Illuminator in ‘Forever Summer’ £6.99*

A fave with beauty junkies, this illuminating stick delivers some seriously beautiful ‘lit-from-within’ skin. Simply glide its buttery soft formula over cheekbones and blend for instant, glowing radiance.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion £16

All those mince pies been having an after-party on your chin? Blast spots while they're still in their prime with this cult lotion. It fights inflammation and reduces spot size in a matter of hours.

Erborian CC Creme SP25 £17

There is a reason this has a cult following. This high definition radiance skin perfector is like a good night’s sleep in a tube. Deeply moisturizing and anti-ageing it will deliver a dose of colour-correcting pigments, brightness and radiance to a tired, dull complexion instantly.

Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask £42*

This best-selling mask, gives your complexion a mega hit of o2 and heaps of glow-boosting vitamin C: ideal during silly season as we flood our bodies with toxins – alcohol, caffeine to keep us going, all those fat-laden canapes– and then make it worse with a severe lack of sleep, and zero time in the gym. Expect more radiant youthful skin, that’s supercharged to defend itself against all those horrible toxins, and doesn’t let on that you’ve been burning the candle at both ends. Hangover? What hangover?

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