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February 2021 Beautyscopes

Roccabox Beauty Scopes


Aries - 21st March – 19th April

Your personal situ is about to get a bit complicated – so make sure you keep other areas in your life simple while it works itself out. Strip your routine back to basics – try focusing on simple ‘ingredient skincare’ products. The Ordinary and The Inkey List are our go-to brands for these.

Taurus - 20th April – 20th May

You’re the star of the show this month – which means your personal life will get a boost. You won’t necessarily be getting sociable (Lockdown 3 has put paid to that) but that doesn’t mean you can’t pretend you still have a social life, pull out your make-up bag and re-ignite your interest in painting your face once more.

Gemini - 21 May – 20th June

Don’t make any big financial decisions or commitments this month – put them off until next month at the earliest. In the meantime why not treat yourself to a Roccabox subscription? With every Roccabox containing products WAY over the price of the box you’ll be in for a guaranteed beauty bargain every single month.

Cancer - 21st Jun to 22nd July

This is a good time to reflect on what matters to you in life, so look at what is working for you and what isn’t. When it comes to your beauty routine products with a dual-function will rate highly this month. Look for a base that doubles up as skincare and make-up multi-taskers. Project Lip Plump & Colour (included in your Feb Roccabox) is a matte lippie in the perfect nude shade that also doubles up as a lip plumper.

Leo - 23rd July – 22nd August

The first half of the month will be supercharged, full of megawatt shifts in every area of your life. Keep up with the changes by including products that will enhance your energy levels. We love Crabtree & Evelyn’s zingy and uplifting Citron & Coriander Body Lotion.

Virgo - 23rd August- 22nd September

You’re tempted to neglect your usually high standards of behavior and throw caution to the wind, but don’t. When it comes to beauty, keep up your strict routine and focus on super effective skincare. Crabtree & Evelyn’s Soft Touch Face Foam 15ml (included in your Feb Roccabox) does it all – banishes impurities, brightens and leaves skin impossibly soft.

Libra - 23rd September – 22nd October

You’ll be distracted this month, which can leave you feeling (and looking) tired. Perk up a peaky complexion with three hero products – a facial tanner (try Tan Luxe’s best-selling range) a hard-working concealer (NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer Every. Single. Time) and a cream blush for restoring your rosy glow. 

Scorpio - 23rd October – 21st November

You’ll finally get the recognition you deserve at work – and let’s be real, it’s long overdue- so why not treat yourself? Spa trips and holidays are off the cards for now, so instead invest in a 12-month subscription to Roccabox and you can look forward to a little pink box of beauty discoveries landing on your doorstep every single month for an entire year.


Sagittarius - 22nd November – 21st December

You’ll feel a little overburdened with another person’s problems this month. Lighten the load with some you-time. Indulge in some self-care – whether that’s a zoom workout, a massage from your other half or time out with a pampering eye mask.

Capricorn - 22nd Dec- 19th Jan

You’ll be craving some changes in your home life towards the end of the month. Scatter some new plants around – they look good and they will purify the air. Why not switch up your home fragrance with a new set of candles, a diffuser or room spray? At the moment we’re obsessed with any scent that has floral, woody or oud notes.

Aquarius - 20th Jan – 18th Feb

Your energy levels have taken a nosedive after last month’s surge, so retreat to your bedroom, switch off your phone and up your sleep hygiene. A cool dark room with no blue light from your mobile helps you get better quality zeds, as does a body product packed with magnesium. Neom’s Hydrating Magnesium Body Butter is currently on our sleep-well wish list.

Pisces - 19th Feb – 20th March

Your senses are super-heightened during Feb, so you’ll relish anything that feels good and smells good: skincare products included. Something like Crabtree & Evelyn’s Soft Touch Face Foam 15ml (which you’ll find in your February Roccabox) ticks both these boxes.

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