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February Beautyscopes

February Beautyscopes

Aquarius: 20th Jan - 18th Feb

Mercury is in retrograde in Aquarius during the first week in Feb. This means that you need to keep an eye on your spending. If you haven’t already it’s a good time to try out your first Roccabox: this month.

Pisces: 19th Feb - 20th March

You’ve been meaning to try a new skincare product, specifically one that will clear and brighten your complexion. So, why not try Murad AHA Exfoliating Cleanser, which you’ll find in this month’s Roccabox? It totally transforms dull skin so you’ll wake up to a brighter, smoother, more radiant and visibly luminous complexion. Roccabox team hack: use it as part of your evening cleanse. Its benefits are amplified when used overnight and it’s a super effective way of getting rid of every last trace of the day’s make-up, grime and SPF. 

Aries: 21st March – 19th April 

Having trouble switching off? According to the stars you’ll find it hard to unwind during the first half of this month. Why not take inspiration from the calming Japanese ritual of forest bathing? Don’t worry if you can’t make it to an actual forest:  Skin and Tonic’s Slow Down Bath Soak, £9 contains a restorative blend of cedarwood, eucalyptus and rosemary oils - inspired by the aromas naturally existing in a forest. The addition of mineral-rich Epsom salts detoxifies and boosts magnesium levels, while natural CBD re-balances a wired body and frazzled mind. The perfect tonic to help you slow down and let go, right now. Handily, you’ll find one in this month’s Roccabox.  

Taurus: 20th April  – 20th May 

You’re feeling a bit sorry for yourself during the first two weeks of Feb: which makes sense considering it’s a time for self-reflection. Be a bit gentler on yourself, take your foot off the pedal and treat yourself to something that will lift your spirits. Our top recommendation? The ‘Best of Beauty’ Roccabox, £18. Containing a super luxe edit of products worth a whopping £182 it will definitely put a smile on your face. 

Gemini: 21st May – 20th June 
Why not treat that friend that’s gone over and above for you lately - you know who she is. Our brand new Galentines Box is a truly stunning edit of six products (including a MAC lippie- because every girl needs one of these in her life) is a perfect way to show her some love. 

Cancer: 21st June – 22nd July

Your curious nature gives you the confidence to try out new products, formulas and ingredients this month. Have you tried CBD-enriched beauty yet, to see how it enhances your wellbeing? The Skin and Tonic Bath Soak in this month’s Roccabox is a good place to start your CBD journey: here it’s been added for its calming and mind-balancing benefits. 

Leo: 23rd July 23 – 22nd Aug

You’re feeling lucky early on this month - so why not try one of our mystery boxes? Just £10 and with a guaranteed value way over the price paid, it makes the perfect little box of tricks as a self treat or gift. 

 Virgo: 23rd Aug – 22nd Sept

With your typical Virgoan perfectionist tendencies you struggle to switch off at night at the best of times and right now you’re finding it particularly tough. It looks like this will last to the end of the month, so now might be a good time to try adjusting your pre-sleep routine? Be strict with screen time- blue light will mess up your melatonin levels - and incorporate some calming rituals and sleep-inducing products into your evening routine. This month’s ‘Perfect Night’s Sleep’ Roccabox, £15 contains a great selection, so check it out and see which ones work for you. 

 Libra: 23rd Sept- 22nd Oct

If your skin is showing signs of dryness, tightness or redness you might not have made the correct transitions to winter skincare. You might be tempted to shun AHA products right now, but you don’t necessarily need to - just stick to using them just at nightime, as they can be too active for morning use when your skin is feeling this sensitive.

Scorpio: 23rd Oct – 21st Nov

Aquarius season - which is right now- is all about your emotional well-being for you, Scorp. So it’s the perfect time to indulge your wellbeing through improving your sleep quality, with our ‘Perfect Night’s Sleep’ Roccabox, £15, which is on sale right now. 

Sagittarius: 22nd Nov – 21st Dec

It's been a slow start for 2022, mostly due to Venus in retrograde since December 19 and Mercury in retrograde since January 14. Enjoy the rest of this self-reflective, self-indulgent, slower phase in life before pace picks up again. Try our ‘Perfect Night’s Sleep’ Roccabox, £15, which is on sale now, which contains five products from the likes of Murad, Skin&Tonic and Beauty Pro, that either promote better sleep, treat your skin as you sleep or restore, nourish and calm your mind.

Capricorn: 22nd Dec – 19th Jan

With mercury in retrograde in Capricorn at the very beginning of this month you should avoid all impulse shopping and only spend on considered purchases. In the meantime, you can keep your beauty habit satisfied with your Roccabox subscription - you’re guaranteed to receive at least 5 expert-approved products hand-chosen by a select team of beauty buffs every single month, for just £15, so you can still discover and enjoy new products without wasting your pennies. 


By Sarah Edge

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