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Five Ways To Inject Joy Into Your Day In Just Five Minutes Flat


Five Ways To Inject Joy Into Your Day In Just Five Minutes Flat

In case you hadn’t noticed already, self-care is a truly important concept to us at Roccabox. The importance of carving out time for a self-care ritual is crucial in keeping us feeling healthy, balanced and happy and it’s a habit that’s not to be overlooked. However while we wholeheartedly advocate the importance of self-care in the form of self-massage, a favorite workout, a walk in nature or a soak in our favorite Jo Malone bath oil, we don’t always have the time to indulge. Which is why in those moments, when we’re feeling a little overwhelmed, overstretched or just in need of some me-time, we like to indulge in five-minute self-care rituals that are guaranteed to lift our spirits, liven our senses and inject us with joy. Here are our five favourite ways to transform our mood from zero to hero in five minutes flat:

A 5-minute meditation on Headspace or Calm
We find that taking ourselves out of the moment, stilling our minds and calming the noise for just five minutes with a meditation app can have a powerful effect on our productivity for the next few hours. 

Washing our face
It sounds too simple to be true, and we don’t know why it works, but it does. Maybe it’s the simple act of washing that acts as a metaphor for wiping away the mess of the day, maybe it’s the refreshing feeling of splashing water, or maybe it’s the facial massage we throw in to up the joy ante. We like to use a gorgeous cleansing product too (we’re obsessed with Elemis AHA Glow Cleansing Butterso our skin ends up as glowing as our mood.

Hitting the yoga mat
Just five minutes of downward dogs, forward folds, mountain pose and cobra gets our blood pumping, our heart-rate up and energises us endlessly. Movement – even just five minutes - really does make a big difference to our mood.

Bite into a Cadbury Nuttier Bar, £1.19
We're totally obsessed with this brand new treat from Cadbury. Half of this fun bar is a high fibre mix of almonds, peanuts and cranberries, whilst the other side is deliciously dipped in Cadbury milk chocolate. It's a tasty healthier snack option and doesn't compromise on the taste and it's enough to leave you feeling virtuous all day long. And it's pink! You’ll find one in your May Roccabox.

Listening to our favorite song
Songs have such a powerful impact on our mood. Choose a tune that will take you back to your favourite moment and throw a few moves to get your heart racing too. For us, it’s Beyonce every time.

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