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Get skin like a model just in time for Christmas

Anyone else’s skin suffering from the November blues? Just as our complexions have adjusted to the (seriously drastic) drop in temperature, and just as we’ve introduced a new serum to our skincare regime to counterbalance the drying effects of upping the central heating (Skinceuticals HA Intensifier Serum, FYI) we’re now faced with the onslaught of breakouts, creases and sallow colour that comes with the alcohol-infused, sleep-deprived territory that is Christmas. Well fear not. There are still 4 and half weeks left until Christmas, so even if you deduct a few days to allow for a few hangovers (nobody wants to start getting busy with skincare on a hangover. They are what cleansing wipes were invented for) that’s plenty of time to transform winter-worn, dried-out, wine-ravaged skin, so that you have a gorgeous glow come Christmas. Follow our simple festive period skincare rules below, and we promise you’ll come out the other side of Chrimbo gleaming.

Add an extra step to your skincare routine

Yes, we know you’re too busy partying/present shopping/mince-pie 'testing', but hear us out: this will literally take you a few seconds but could seriously transform your skin. Spritz freshly cleansed skin with a hyaluronic acid-rich spray - we love Balance Me Plumping Mist, £16 - and you’ll boost hydration levels. Layer on your moisturizer and spritz again to finish.

Exfoliate regularly, but cleverly

Over-exfoliating delicate sensitized skin isn’t a clever move. What IS clever is gently exfoliating regularly, as part of your cleansing routine, in a way that WILL rid your skin of dulling dead cells, but WON’T aggravate dry skin that’s already feeling a little sensitive. An acid-based exfoliating cleanser like Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser, £35* ** will remove dry flakey cells and reveal fresh clear skin. What’s special about this exfoliating cleanser – which you can use daily – is it contains a triad of skin perfecting acids- Salicylic, Lactic and Glycolic – which makes it a triple threat against dull skin, giving the complexion a deep clean and buffing it until it's smoother, clearer and brighter.

Go alcohol-free for at least 3 nights a week

This one needs little explanation. No we don't mean alcohol-free skincare products (although that's good too), we mean no sipping on the naughty stuff. Just for three days a week - that is totally do-able. Do it and your skin, body, waistline and boss will be grateful.

Boost your skin from within

There are plenty of yummy seasonal foods that don't involve pastry/custard/Bailey's. Brussel sprouts are rich in vitamin C, and turkey and walnuts are both decent sources of acne-busting zinc. Make a skin-saving anti-inflammatory morning smoothie to help counter the effects of the night before's booze. Include anti-inflammatory turmeric and warming ingredients such as cardammon and cinnammon, plus pineapple, Vitamin-c rich clementines and coconut milk, and enhance it further with a spoonful of melted coconut oil and a pinch of black pepper - both of which help your body to absorb the benefits of the turmeric.

Say yes to magnesium

Magnesium is your Christmas miracle mineral. It will draw out impurities (of which we assume there will be plenty) from your body, when you bathe in it. Try an Epsom Salt bath – which is rich in magnesium – to draw out toxins and relieve water retention. For an extra boost, treat skin with a magnesium-rich product too. Omorovicza’s Deep cleansing Mask, £60* is a refreshing alternative to all the sheet masks doing the rounds. High in calcium and – you guessed it- magnesium, this deep cleansing facial treatment draws out even the deepest impurities, leaving skin perfectly purified.

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