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Hand Luggage Hero: the cult product that lets us cut our baggage weight in half

When did making sure we look and feel fabulous on our hols become such a chore? Trying to whittle our wash bag down to a few necessary products when we are heading abroad for two weeks is a logistical nightmare. And let's face it, after our shoes (three pairs of heavy wedges are a must) it's always our beauty 'essentials' that are going to push the weight of our suitcase over the 20kg threshold and will be the reason we end up abandoning all dignity and bearing the contents of our suitcase to the entire departure hall in a bid to save ourselves the extra £400 it'll cost us to up our baggage allowance. Well this summer we won't have that problem because we've discovered a product that's going to let us leave half of our bathroom cupboard at home. We're not usually fans of products that promise to do it all ('Jack of all trades' and all that) but this cult product has totally changed our mind. The Green Balm, £12.50 by MOA (Magic Organic Apothecary) is a 100% natural healing balm that multi-tasks like its life depends on it. Here are eleven reasons why it should become your number one hand luggage item, today.

You can use it instead of aftersun

Suitable for super-sensitive skin and skin that requires a bit of TLC, this soothing balm will ease and treat sore sun scorched skin.

It's a powerful bite soother

This healing balm will stop the itching and soothe any sore bits post-mozzie attack.

Dry cracked lips will become a thing of the past

This is the ultimate lip balm, hydrating dry lips and leaving a lovely glossy sheen.

It's a medical kit in balm form

This nifty little product will treat all manner of ailment, from bruises to eczema. It can even be used as an after-care product on new tattoos and piercings (not that we're advocating drunken holiday trips to the tattoo parlour...)

It's a powerful cleansing tool

It makes for a brilliant cleansing balm, eliminating every last trace of makeup and grime. We like to use it on damp skin and wipe off excess with a muslin cloth.

It gives us a supermodel-esque sheen to our skin

Don't bother with shimmery body creams, just smear a dollop of this over collar bones and shoulders for a gleaming, tan-enhancing glow

It can be used as a skin-nourishing face mask

Apply a thick layer to cleansed skin and leave for 10 minutes, for a face mask that leaves thirsty skin deeply hydrated and dry skin moisturised to perfection

It brings dull hair back to life

Resuscitate lacklustre locks by applying a very light glossing coat to the ends of hair and to slicked back poolside ponytails

It eliminates our dry bits

Cracked elbows, dry knees and rough hands- not a very sexy topic but definitely needs a mention. All easily tackled with a dollop of our new fave product.

It has actual healing powers

It can be added to hot water and lemon and gargled with, to help soothe and heal a sore throat. Yes really. Bet you can't say that about any of your other moisturising balms, can you?

It's less than 100ml

It's available in a 60ml pot or a dinky 15 ml version. Yes, that's right, our new essential travel product is small enough to go in our hand luggage.

Now the only challenge we face, given the multitude of uses this miracle balm has, is making a tub last a whole fortnight...

How do you use yours? Tell us below...

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