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Here’s the Key to Applying Foundation Like a Pro

What do you use as your barometer of how well you’ve applied your foundation? Is it when your selfie doesn’t require a filter AND a hefty dose of Facetune? Is it when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and don’t automatically scrutinise your coloured creases? At Roccabox HQ we’re pretty much in agreement that the number one way to determine that we’ve nailed our base is when we get compliments on how good our SKIN looks- as opposed to how good our foundation looks.

It isn’t always easy getting your foundation to look SO good that it passes as your skin, only better. Flawless foundation coverage isn’t a one stage process- it requires you to get all the elements right, and that includes making sure you’re using the right textured product for your own skin. Firstly, you’ve got to make sure you’re using a formula that suits your skin type. Not every skin type will benefit from a liquid foundation – there’s a place for powder bases, mineral foundation powders and cream-to-powder formulas too. As a general rule, drier skins can take a creamier formula whereas ‘normal’ skin benefits from a liquid. Oilier types should also stick to liquid, shunning the traditional go-to option of a powder foundation – this can end up looking cakey.

Once you’ve found the correct formula, it’s crucial that your foundation matches your skin colour. Basically, the colour should appear invisible on your skin. Ok, this might have been a given since you left your teenage years, leaving behind your trademark teen tide-marked necks and foundation that you matched to the colour you wished you were, rather than the colour you actually were (note to younger self – wearing toffee coloured foundation on alabaster skin does not give you the appearance of a tan. One day you will discover a decent bronzing powder to give you that sunkissed glow.) As well as colour-matching, you also need to think about skintone. MAC has made this pretty easy for us to understand – its foundations are split in to those for warm skintones, and those for cool skintones. Once you realise whether you have warm or cool tones to your complexion, it will make finding your true colour match so much easier.

So texture and colour are ticked off – what’s next? Consider what kind of finish your own skin will benefit most from. Do you want a dewy glow, to bring life to your naturally dehydrated skin? Or do you need a matte velvet finish to ensure your skin is camera-ready? Think about the look you want and the finish your own skin needs a little help with.

Once you’ve found your perfect foundation, it’s essential that you get the application right. If you don’t, you’re only going to get half the benefit of a good base. Firstly, you may not need foundation all over. Take a proper look at your face and only apply where it is needed – this may well be just your T-zone. A primer will help to blur the appearance of larger pores and even out your skin a little- this and a little foundation on your nose, chin and forehead, may be all you need. A foundation brush will allow you to apply foundation quickly, easily and effectively. It won’t retain as much product as applying with a sponge, and will ensure you give your foundation a flawless finish. The best way to apply a liquid foundation is with a short, dense brush, such as our favorite StyLondon’s Oval Foundation Brush £7.99*. Use it in circular movements for a light-to-medium coverage, loading the brush according to how much coverage you prefer. Alternatively, apply foundation, dotting it all over, before using your brush to paint and blend in different directions. This technique helps to prevent streaking – which stroking the brush in one direction can cause. Always start with a clean brush on well-moisturised skin – failure to do either of those can also lead to streaked results. If you’re using a thicker, creamier formula of foundation, feel free to swerve this step – using a brush can leave a streaked finish. But a liquid foundation always looks so much clearer and more flawless when applied with a foundation brush.

For an extra-smooth effect, finish with a sponge- gently pat it all over to blend the foundation in even more. This will pick up excess product that can become creased. To check your foundation, take a step back and take a look both from afar and then close up. If the application feels a little heavy, pat your skin with your naturally warm fingertips to help blend the foundation further and melt the makeup into the skin. This will make it look more natural.

The final step? Sit back, take a #nofilter selfie and let the compliments roll in.

*included in your February Roccabox

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