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How to get a perfect nights sleep with ROCCABOX

It really is ‘the more the better’ when it comes to beauty sleep because your skin uses sleep hours to heal itself from the day’s damage. When you drift off, your skin gets the chance to repair and renew so you wake up looking and feeling refreshed. 

The ROCCABOX team have trialled and tested a selection of products and picked 5 must-haves that ensure you’ll wake up glowing, ready to conquer a new day feeling and looking your best. And as always, as a ROCCABOX subscriber, you heard it here first. Enjoy x

October ROCCABOX Beauty Sleep

Darphin - Hydraskin Eye Gel-Cream (full size) RRP £39 

This product is designed to refresh and rejuvenate your eyes. The lightweight gel-cream contains frozen water algae, Salicornia Herbacea, and Butterfly Lavender to hydrate your eye area and reduce puffiness. With consistent morning and evening use, you'll notice improved hydration, reduced puffiness, and a decrease in signs of fatigue. Yay. 

How to use: Using your ring finger (so you don’t damage delicate skin around your area) apply by gently patting on the eye contour.

INCLUSEV Bodywash in the scent Lemon, Lime or Cedarwood, Lavender & Frankincense (deluxe mini) RRP £12 

This brand is on a mission to help save the planet and make a difference. They provide waterless beauty solutions without sacrificing efficacy. We picked their innovative body wash because it’s a perfect addition to any wind-down evening routine. 

How to use: To activate the powder formula and create a fabulous rich lather, just add water. Then massage around your body just like you would with a liquid body wash.

Habuni Skincare  -  Bamboo Exfoliating Soap Pouch Mitt (full size) RRP £6.99 

Another great addition to any wind-down evening routine is being able to create a spa-like experience from home. We love this mitt because the soft woven bamboo fibres are suitable for everyday use, over the whole body including the face. Team with your INCLUSEV body wash for completely replenished skin ready for a peaceful night's sleep.   

Did you know? Hubani's Soap Mitt is biodegradable and naturally antibacterial bamboo. Being made from 100% Bamboo means that the mitts are odour and mildew resistant. 

Love, MeMeMe - Mixed Selection (full size) RRP £10 - £15 

If you didn’t know already Love, MeMeMe is on a mission to reclaim ‘Me Time’ and what self-care really means. A face mask isn’t going to change your life, but taking time for yourself and building a healthy relationship with yourself and others is key to getting that glow (and a great night’s sleep) 

We’ve picked 6 options to go your October Beauty Sleep box, and it’s a surprise! Which one will you get? 

Smug - Sleep Mask (full size) RRP £15 

The Smug Sleep Mask is a must-have for a restful night's sleep. Made from satin (what else, duh) it naturally hydrates the skin while you sleep, reducing the look of dark circles and contributes to anti-ageing. A better night's sleep leads to a happier, healthier you.

How to use: The final step in any night time routine. Simply slip it on once you’ve done your skincare, turn off those lights and slip into a sleep. Night x

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