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How To Incorporate Vitamin C Into Your Skincare Routine For Your Brightest Skin Yet

It’s been named the most searched-for skincare ingredient of 2020 by Cult Beauty, and is crowned by dermatologists as the key to brightening skin, with the antioxidant-rich vitamin revitalising, retexturising and transforming a dull complexion like nothing else. But unlike many buzzy skincare ingredients, the claims behind the transformational power of vitamin C are scientifically backed up: it is proven to boost collagen production, brighten, even out skintone, reduce pigmentation and protect against environmental factors, making it a true anti-ageing hero. Which means if vitamin C doesn’t feature in your skincare regime already, then it’s about time you re-jig your routine.

Unlike some skincare ingredients there are quite a few pointers to bear in mind when investing in a vitamin c product - and this can sometimes be off-putting - but it’s actually pretty simple. Firstly, the concentration of vitamin c inside your product counts, so when choosing your vitamin C product keep an eye on this. Nip+Fab’s Vitamin C Fix Concentrate Extreme 3% packs a potent antioxidant punch, meaning you only need to use two or three drops after cleansing/ pre-moisturising a couple of times a week. Remember though, as with any product that contains varying percentages of an ingredient, it’s best to chat to a skincare specialist about your own skin concerns and which % is best for tackling them.

Secondly, as vitamin C is a fairly unstable ingredient it breaks down with regular exposure to air and light- so your vitamin c products must be looked after properly and kept in airtight packaging. Also, keep an eye on where you store it: basically don’t leave your vitamin C serum on your window ledge, keep it in your cool dark bathroom cabinet instead. 

It’s worth noting that vitamin C mixes and layers well with other ingredients: which is what makes Nip + Fab’s Vitamin C Fix range so fabulous, as you can pick and choose your vitamin-C products (which range from a Cleanser to Brightening Pads) and they’ll slip seamlessly into your existing routine. This makes including vitamin C somewhere in your regime ridiculously easy. If you choose to use a serum (such as Nip + Fab’s Vitamin C Fix Serum, which features carrot oil to enhance its antioxidant benefits) layer it on cleansed skin, prior to moisturiser and SPF. And remember for the most effective results, use vitamin C in the morning. 

If you’d prefer to incorporate vitamin C as a weekly treatment, instead of daily (maybe you’d like to incorporate its skin brightening and protective benefits but don’t quite need to go full on with the pigmentation-reducing, anti-ageing just yet) then try a scrub or mask that features the super ingredient as a star player. Nip + Fab Vitamin C Fix Scrub is a great example: it’s excellent at cleansing, refining and renewing skin that doesn’t necessarily need a daily dose of vitamin c but would benefit from a semi-regular skin energising treatment. 

Try this speedy vitamin-C enriched morning routine to see visible and long-lasting brightening results fast 


 Step 1:

Wash away dirt, impurities and sweat with Nip+Fab Vitamin C Fix Cleanser £12.95. Use on damp skin and wash well, to leave a clean, refreshed and glowing base. 

Step 2:

Nip+ Fab’s Vitamin C Fix Brightening Pads £10 act like a toner, exfoliator and brightening treatment in one. Wipe one or two pads over your cleansed skin - avoiding your eye area - for a brightening boost that will enhance your natural glow instantly and work on evening out pigmentation and skintone with regular use. 

Step 3:

Nip+ Fab’s Vitamin C Fix Serum £15 uses a powerhouse of antioxidants to reduce damage to collagen and to help lessen fine lines and wrinkles. Apply now over your freshly cleansed face, before your usual moisturiser. Twice a week swap this for Nip + Fab Vitamin C Fix Concentrate Extreme 3% £15 for a more intense dose of vitamin C that will revive your skin’s surface and visibly clear up pigmentation. 

Step 4:

Next you can apply your usual moisturizer to hydrate your skin and then finish (of course) with an additional SPF (ideally SPF 30 plus) to protect against further damage. Click here to see our blog on our Five Favourite Facial SPF's this Summer. 

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