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How to Take Your Perfect Selfie: 5 Easy Tips

Ever looked in the mirror and been feeling your look, but then tried to snap a quick pic and your selfies just aren’t cooperating?

Yep, this happens to us on the reg.

If you’re looking and feeling cute, we’re on a mission to help you look as gorg on camera, as you do in the mirror.

Through years of trial and error, and chats with a couple Instagram influencers, we’ve got some hints, tips and secrets to spill on how to take your perfect summer selfie. 

Tip one

Prep, prep, prep.

There’s a zillion editing apps around (which we’ll go into later), but healthy, glowing skin is something that we all want, right?

You’ve heard it before, but DRINK YOUR WATER, there’s a reason everyone keeps banging on about it! It flushes toxins through the body, that are otherwise likely to show on your skin. We need 8 glasses a day (or 2 litres). It’s zero calories, zero pounds, so a win win to get clear skin with a natural radiance.

Besides this, your June box will help further prep your skin, with a little help from science.



First, exfoliate.

The Urban Veda Exfoliating Facial Polish gently stimulates circulation to plump-up skin, buffing away dead skin cells to get rid of any dullness.


Second, cleanse and tone.

We’ve been recommending this to anyone who’ll listen. The Mario Badescu range Is one of our new skincare faves, especially the Alpha Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion. If you haven’t already, give it a go. 


 Third, moisturise.

June's box features the Monuskin Skin Perfector, which we love! It smooths over the fine lines and leaves skin glowing, using energising essential oils, vitamins and minerals.



Tip two

Light is your new best friend

We can’t emphasise how much difference this makes! Great natural light reduces unflattering shadows and emphasises your natural highlight, making eyes and bone structure pop. See the difference in the pics below. It’s the best beauty product you don’t have to pay for!


Granted it’s not cloudy, ‘golden hour’ is the crème de la crème for all photographers. This is the hour after sunrise and before sunset when the sun radiates soft and warming light that gives a super flattering glow. Make sure you’re wearing the Cetaphil Daily Defence SPF50 Moisturiser if you’re taking pics in direct sunlight.

On a side note, total sunblock is definitely something to start incorporating into your daily skincare routine, if you’re wanting to maintain youthful skin for as long as possible!

Tip three

Work with what your mamma gave ya 

I mean, we weren’t all born with the cheekbones of Bella Hadid, or have funds to afford surgery like the Kardashians. However, we can definitely define our natural beauty and find our most flattering angles.

We’ve included the amazing Nip and Fab Fix Stix Definition Sculpt, to contour and accentuate your natural bone structure. It’s a matte shade that can be applied sparingly to lighter skin tones, or layered for darker.


Blend in under the cheekbones, chin and either side of the nose using the super soft Unicorn Cosmetics Beauty Egg.


When it comes to angles, hold the camera slightly above your face and raise your eyebrows slightly to reduce shadows and make your eyes look bigger and brighter. Unless you’re Kate Moss, very few of us have perfectly symmetrical faces. So, decide which is your ‘good side’ and tilt your head slightly to show that side. Then, relax your mouth, part your lips slightly and embrace a natural expression.



Tip four 

Using the right apps and filters

Facetune is pretty much our bread and butter when editing pics, but we also love Perfect365. It’s great for blending out blemishes whilst whitening eyes and teeth to make everything sparkle. Though, be cautious of over-editing to the point it’s obvious; the best selfies are the ones that look natural.

The same applies to filters, a little extra brightness and warmth is great, playing with the sliders will lessen the intensity. VSCO is a great app for this.

For example, these show before and after Facetune. 


Tip five 

More is more

One of the best tips for taking selfies, is to take lots of selfies! Play with your angles and find which works best for you. There is no shame if your camera roll has around 5 scrolls of pics, this is totally normal (see mine below!). Give yourself plenty of choice to flick through and find your favourite.



Et voila! With these hints and tips, paired with the June Roccabox, you should be fully prepped to take the perfect selfie. Tag us @roccaboxuk to show us how you get on.


Happy snapping!


Love Roccabox x


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