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How We Are Empowering Ourselves In 2020

This month marks International Women’s Day 2020, and it feels more important now than ever to empower ourselves and those around us. Positive change starts from within, so we’re starting with five simple steps to empower ourselves this March. 

Start self affirmation 

Feeling empowered starts with YOU realising how great you really are. Finding the good in yourself is easier said than done, so start by asking friends and family what they like best about you and write it down. Then, read them back to yourself every day. We know, it sounds cheesy - but fake it till you make it really does work. Practice makes perfect, so train your brain to value yourself and view you in the same light that your loved ones do. It’s 2020, and we’re over the unnecessary self-flagellation - you are wonderful, so remind yourself every single day. 

Accept your imperfections

These days we’re surrounded by face-tuned, photoshopped, surgically enhanced beauties, and it can feel hard to keep up. But, why try? Yes, those girls you see on Instagram are gorgeous, but no one will ever compare to you. Your imperfections are what make you, you - they give you character, make your friends smile, make you stand out from the crowd. Start looking at your wobbly bits in a different light, girl, because confidence is the key to self-empowerment. Forget glow serum and acid toners - loving every bit of yourself inside out will give you that megawatt glow that just can’t be bought. 

Support those around you 

If your friend has started a new venture, support them - this doesn’t necessarily mean spending your last penny on their new products, but you can share their business page, like their updates, tell people at work who might be interested - it’s cool to be kind, and you never know when the favour will be returned. Why not start small, and try giving genuine compliments to those around you. Everyone is facing their own battles, and you never know what people are thinking on the inside - never underestimate the power of kind words at the right moment. If the girl you see every day on the tube is rocking a killer new dress, tell her! You might just make her day. 

Be selfish 

Remember, there is absolutely nothing wrong with saying no. Whether at work, with a friend, or your partner - you always come first. If you need a day on the sofa with no one but Ben & Jerry for company, a weekend alone to start your side hustle, or even a mental health day from work, take it! For your own sanity, make sure you look after number one first. Everything else will fall into place, we promise. 

Embrace change 

Change can be scary, but without it nothing would ever get better - so embrace it when it comes. You’ve made it this far, so take whatever life throws at you and make the best of it. We can’t always choose the cards that we are dealt, but we sure as hell can choose what to do with them - so be open to the new chapters of your life, and always remember to enjoy the present. 

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