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In The Beauty Cupboard With... Daisie Smith, Beauty's Big Sister

Ladies, meet Daisie Smith, the beauty blogger behind your (ridiculously good) October Roccabox. Known for her beauty prowess and savvy tips (Daisie’s USP is her ability to give life advice like she’s your sister) it’s little wonder that the products Daisie is spoiling you with this month are clever, hardworking and very, VERY good.

Here we get the inside scoop from Beauty's Big Sister...

Current lust-have :
The Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette is seriously what eyeshadow dreams are made of. Yes it's pricey, but WOW it's a stunner. Filled with highly-pigmented, foil-effect and silky shadows; I think it's a palette that I *need* in my makeup bag ASAP.

Expensive must-have I already own :

If there's one product that's completely worth the money in my beauty bag, then it's got to be the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. The hype is really worth it for this gorgeous cream that's perfect for my sensitive skin and creates the ultimate canvas for makeup.

Current must-have:

The Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighters - thank the beauty gods that we can now get a high-shine, intense highlight for just £6. These beauties that come in five shades, are definitely just as good as my high-end Illuminators.

Beauty Muse:

Kendall Jenner would probably have to be my beauty muse. I love her effortless looks and how simple and chic her makeup always is. When she's getting dressed up, she usually goes for a bold orangey-red lip or a soft smokey eye, which I love.

First ever makeup item:

The first product I remember owning was a clear mascara. Back to the time where we wasn't allowed to wear makeup to school, I knew I wanted to enhance my lashes and wearing a clear mascara was how I got away with it! 

Skin-deep beauty tip:

I drink peppermint tea every day and it's become a ritual for me! It's good for so many things - skin, hair, nails. Thanks to the menthol, it's great for keeping my spots at bay and the antioxidants help to clear my pores.  

I'll never buy in to:

One thing I'll never buy into (right now - never say never!); is super techy skincare. I have sensitive skin, so the most gentle products and natural ingredients work best for me. 

I'm most excited by:

I'm a beauty junkie and there's not much that excites me more than new technologies, innovative products and clever packaging. The beauty industry is constantly evolving and I love seeing what's coming up next! 

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