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Award-winning products have achieved the holy grail of beauty - managing to wow the experts with their niche expertise whilst also impressing the masses with their far-reaching appeal. That’s no mean feat. There are several industry awards that give their acclaim to hero products annually, and at Roccabox, we felt it only appropriate to give our own beauty awards. After all, we put every product that ends up in your Roccabox through a lengthy testing process - the Roccabox expert panel is, essentially, BOTH the experts and the masses - so we’re well placed to discover, trial and duly honour the ones worthy of an accolade. 

Our Criteria 

So how do we judge whether a product deserves an award? Firstly, it must be our type on paper. We’ll consider the boxes it ticks: how innovative it is, how novel the formula is, whether it has sustainability credentials, how inclusive the brand is, etc. 

The Sniff Test 

Then it must pass the ‘sniff test’ (our nickname for the ‘first impressions’ test, where we eye up the packaging, pump/pour/play around with the formula and if applicable, give it a good sniff.) Next it’s put through some rigorous testing: we’ll trial a skincare product across a variety of different skin types, texture and concerns, even trying it at different times of the month and at different times of the day. Maybe even from one season to another. Ditto each bodycare, haircare and make-up product that lands on our desk. And only then will we assess the results and decide whether it’s wowed us enough to shout about it, include it in your Roccabox, and ultimately give it an award. 

The Winners 

The products that have made it into this month’s box have impressed us enough for us to award them winning status. These are the products, brands and formulas that have gone the extra mile to exceed our needs and scooped a Roccaward for their efforts. And now you can enjoy them too. 

Introducing our award winners… 

BEST PRE-NIGHT OUT PREP: Skimono Radiance Recovery Eye Mask (Full sized) RRP £10

It was actually an international make-up artist that alerted us to the benefits of this eye mask, claiming it leaves her clients’ delicate eye area noticeably softer and lightly plumped up, but without the greasy film left by many other eye masks that makes them unsuitable for use before make-up. You too can use yours as a skin-plumping primer prior to undereye concealer: it will provide a hydration hit, brightening boost and relief for tired eyes, without causing your concealer to smudge, thanks to a combo of advanced Liposome Technology, plumping collagen, inflammation-reducing peptides, calming chamomile, refreshing cucumber and firming, brightening vitamin C. 

BEST MULTI-USE HAIR PRODUCT: Paradoxx Repair 3 in 1 Conditioner (Deluxe Mini) RRP £10.50 

The fact that this is described as a ‘mind-blowing multi-tasker’ gives some indication as to why it’s such a hit: it’s rare that a product can perform several functions effectively, and yet this product does exactly that. Work into wet hair and rinse if you want to use it as a conditioner, slather it on towel-dried hair and leave if you’re after a leave-in treatment, or smear a little on dry locks when you’re in need of a gloss-boosting finishing balm. Hailed a hero (particularly on bleached, coarse and unruly locks) no matter how you use this, smoother sleeker super-soft locks will be a given. 

BEST BLEMISH FIXER: Nip+Fab Salicylic Fix Scrub (Full Sized) RRP £9.95 

A combination of chemical exfoliants- namely salicylic acid - and physical ones (in the form of volcanic rock scrub, a natural and highly effective exfoliant) make this a deeply cleansing, dull-skin sloughing product that will leave your skin brighter, softer, clearer and instantly smoother. If exfoliating makes you nervous then don’t worry - the addition of vitamin E acts as a powerful conditioning agent and antioxidant, making sure skin isn’t left stripped. Excellent for blemish-prone skin, congested complexions and acne, with salicylic acid touted by dermatologists as the go-to ingredient for reducing blemishes and blocking pores. 

BEST MAKE-UP INNOVATOR: Saturated Colours Colour Switch Lipstick Colour Changer (Full sized) RRP £9 

If you’ve ever wished you could ever-so-slightly tweak that absolute favourite lippie and make it a shade or two lighter then you’ll love this innovative product. It looks like a white lipstick but it is actually to be used either as a base under your lippie, or as a top layer over it, to alter its shade as much or as little as you want. A great tool for when you want to switch up your look without reaching for an entirely different lip colour- maybe your skin shade has gone a little darker in the sun or you want to take your make-up from day to night. You can ‘create’ up to six different shades from just one lipstick - an excellent way to make your go-to lippie work even harder for you. 

BEST SPECIALIST MOISTURISER: Able Prestige Anti-Ageing Retexturising and Resurfacing Duo Moisturiser (Full sized) RRP £104

We don’t say this lightly: don’t underestimate the potential of this to totally transform your skin. Harbouring the most advanced delivery system for getting active ingredients into your skin, this revolutionary cream targets specific cells within your skin, hitting them with Glycolic Acid and Peptides where they are needed most. The result is your skin is tightened where it’s needed, wrinkles are reduced in appearance and the areas in need of retexturising are evened out. Genius. In fact, 67% of women noticed a reduction in signs of ageing - fine lines, hyperpigmentation, slacking skin - in just 28 days. Sensitive, sensitised and dry skin types needn’t fear its efficacy- it is actually surprisingly gentle and skin-softening, thanks to Shea butter and Cottonseed oil. A game-changing formula that is totally worthy of its price tag. 

BEST NEW SKIN SAVIOUR: Rosalique 3 in 1 Anti Redness Miracle Formula SPF 50 

Developed especially for hypersensitive and redness-prone skin, this heavy-duty SPF has a really clever instant concealing effect. In fact, redness-reducing ingredients (α-Bisabolol, Zeolite, Provitamin B5, Urea and Shea Butter) will both reduce the symptoms and hide the signs of rosacea, couperose, keratosis pilaris and uneven skin-tone. Skin is then protected from any further damage caused by UVA and UVB rays thanks to a 5* rated SPF. A seemingly specialist product that actually has very broad appeal. 

Next month: 

If you’ve not yet tried scalpcare - hailed by the industry as the breakthrough category of the last 12 months - then pop your cherry with the OG of scalp scrubs. Cristophe Robin’s award-winning Cleansing Purifying Sea Salt Scrub launched back in 2013 - long before scalp scrubs became a thing - and was an instant hit. You’ll be able to experience for yourself all of its benefits (impurities removed; more nutrients delivered to your scalp; optimum hydration; shiny clean hair) as we’re including one in next month’s Roccabox. 

Roccababe’s Choice! What are your standout beauty gems of the last 12 months? We’d love to hear which product has earned YOUR vote! Maybe it was a product you discovered inside a Roccabox, maybe it wasn’t - let us know the products that YOU reach for day-in day-out, for nights out, and everything in between…

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