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January Roccabox Sneak Peek: find out why this is our new fave type of blusher…

Dirty Little Secret


We hold our hands up: when it comes to skin make-up, we’re suckers for a new and promising formula. If that formula comes via Korea - the holy mecca of all things beauty – then we’re even more likely to fall at its knees. And if said formula promises to be more effective, less pore-clogging, more glow-enhancing and easier to use than its predecessors, well, then we’re completely smitten. Which is why when we discovered Dirty Little Secret’s Jelly Blush*, we came over all, well, jelly-legged. When it comes to jelly makeup, it can leave you with connotations of wet products and squishy textures: well forget all of that. What makes this blusher stand out is its ‘pressed jelly’ format. It essentially has all the benefits of a jelly make up formula, but in an easy-to-use, non-drip, mess-free dry compact. Intrigued? Us too. 

The true beauty of ‘pressed jelly’ formulas is that they are super blendable, lightweight and malleable - which is just ideal for a blusher, as you want to be able to build up colour lightly and evenly. Blush should create a healthy flush of radiance in the exact right spot, in order to lift your complexion and create a healthy glow- rather than imparting lots of obvious colour. The pressed jelly formula of Dirty Little Secret’s Jelly Blush does exactly that: gives an instant wash of dewy colour and a juiciness that you simply can’t nail with traditional powder blushes. Pressed jelly blush is also sheer enough that you can build up colour gradually – something that liquid jelly blushes can’t always claim. 

So what’s the end result of all this? With Dirty Little Secret’s Jelly Blush you can create a really fresh ‘real skin’ finish. With the right shade, and just your fingers for application, you can truly fake a level of luminosity that is just on the right side of subtle. It’s basically your skin, only far far better. And who are we to argue with that?

*included in your January Roccabox!

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