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The 3 haircare resolutions you should be making for 2022


When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, on the whole, we aren’t big fans. In our experience they tend to end up as false promises we make to ourselves to rid our lives of any remaining bits of joy for the rather depressing month of Jan. Or they are positive changes we promise to make to our lives (saving money; spending more time in the gym and less in the pub…) that by their very nature (the clue is in the name) last only a handful of weeks. This year, though, we’re taking the view that we will indeed be making new year’s resolutions, so long as they tick two boxes: they must ADD to our lives, rather than take away; and they must be easy to stick to, seamlessly slipping into our existing routine. Turning our attention towards our hair felt like a natural move for us: we tend to be guilty of neglecting it in favour of skincare when it comes to investing time and money. So we’ve come up with three haircare resolutions that will boost our hair health both short-term and in the long-term, that are easy to fit into our weekly routine and that will bring some much-required moments of pamper and pleasure to our lives. Follow them and we’re sure you won’t regret it.

Scrub your scalp regularly

It’s the haircare trend you can’t ignore: scalp scrubs have been working their way up from niche product to mainstream must-have throughout 2021, so if you haven’t yet invested in one (and you’ve really no excuse: we included one in your April ‘21 Roccabox!) then 2022 is the year to do it. The benefits of scalpcare, and specifically scalp scrubbing, extend beyond the bits you can’t see (ie. your scalp) and really do over time result in noticeable hair growth and significantly improved hair health. Exfoliating your scalp makes way for fresh skin and new hair follicles to grow healthy hair - so while you’re probably used to paying more attention to your hair than your scalp, the truth is that a healthy scalp will produce healthy hair. How? Product build-up is removed and clogged follicles end up cleared, allowing your hair to become instantly cleaner and glossier and to then grow in healthier over time. Scalp scrubs also encourage your hair to grow: using a scalp exfoliator consistently creates a healthier environment for your hair to grow, as by removing dead skin cells on the scalp, you're lowering the enzyme population that contributes to your hair’s natural shed rate. The extra massage as you apply the product also encourages circulation (and therefore growth). Ticking our second box, we find scalp scrubs are ridiculously easy to slip into our current haircare regime. Just as simple as using an exfoliator on your face, simply commit to using one once a week or once a fortnight at a push. We like to use one on a Sunday evening, following a weekend of extra product use, when we have a little more time on our hands. Stick to the same day of the week: it makes it easier to remember to do it. 

Commit to a mask 

If you don’t already use a deep conditioning mask weekly, then you’re really missing a trick. Unlike regular conditioners, deep conditioners penetrate into the hair cuticle, allowing the conditioner to deliver much-needed ingredients - moisture, proteins, vitamins, and nutrients. The mask you’ll currently find shower-side in our own bathrooms is We Are Paradoxx Game Changer Multitask Hair Mask, £24*. We discovered it in our recent quest to clean up our bathroom cabinets - this brand’s credentials when it comes to clean beauty that’s almost entirely natural, organic and sustainable is second to none. Fair to say, they had us at ‘multitask’ (this mask doubles up as a frizz-taming smoothing serum on-the-go) but we stayed for its seriously deep conditioning benefits - a combo of kelp, argan oil, coconut oil, matcha and hazelnut oil seriously restore damaged locks, strengthen and add shine. The best bit about this mask, though? You can use it your way. Unlike pretty much every other mask out there you can choose how to use this: apply to dry, wet or towel-dried hair - it’s up to you - and leave on for however long you like. That makes this one product that it’s impossible not to slip into your routine. Our advice? Leave it on for five minutes to condition and strengthen, or overnight for maximum impact. 

Treat haircare as self-care 

Another resolution that will add joy to your life, rather than taking it away. We’ve become used to investing time in our skincare rituals and viewing the act of taking care of our skin as a way of also nourishing  our mental health. Well, why not apply the same way of thinking to your haircare? Don’t rush through taking care of your strands like it’s a chore to check off of your to-do list. Relax and enjoy them as moments to pamper yourself: just like you do when you’re layering your serums or massaging in your facial oil. A healthy mind and healthy mane will be the result: and you’ll find this is one new year’s resolution that doesn’t fall by the wayside come Feb. 

*you’ll find a full-sized tub in your January Roccabox 

By Sarah Edge

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