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July Sneak Peek: MONU SKIN Firming Fiji Facial Oil

Introducing our new favorite facial oil (spoiler - we’ve popped one in your July Roccabox)

A pre-bed facial massage with an indulgent facial oil has become the one lockdown habit we’re clinging onto and our oil of choice for this joyful pastime is MONU SKIN Firming Fiji Facial Oil £26.95.

We’ve included a full sized bottle in your July Roccabox, so you can feel how gorgeously it melts into skin and see how noticeably more radiant it leaves you looking the next morning. 


Try this quick 5 minute facial massage to see even better results from your facial oil

Massaging your MONU SKIN Firming Fiji Facial Oil will reap even glowier benefits: movement of the facial muscles is proven to really show up in your skin’s tone and texture, with the boost in circulation increasing your natural glow. And did you know a seriously good facial massage can not only decrease puffiiness but can seriously sculpt your skin and add definition to your face?

A jade roller, or a slightly more hardcore Gua Sha, is an easy tool to integrate into your oiling routine - stroking it in different directions and gliding it along your facial contours will boost blood circulation, stimulate the skin, increase your glow and help your oil work harder. Plus the cool temperature aids in de-puffing and waking up a sleepy complexion. 

If you want to try a tool-free massage though, then try this ‘macro massage’ technique- guaranteed to drain away puffiness, firm your skintone and increase your glow in just five mins: 

STEP 1: 

Post-cleanse apply your MONU SKIN Firming Fiji Facial Oil all over your face, using the surface of your palm instead of your fingertips



Now place a palm in between your eyebrows. With firm and even pressure, massage in circular motions up toward your hairline. Then take both palms to your temples and continue massaging with firm pressure in circular motions. Do this for about 30 seconds. This will warm up your facial muscles and alleviate muscle tension.



Next, using that same level of pressure, place your palms underneath the cheekbones and massage backward toward the hairline. End by using the palms to cup the cheekbones and firmly pull upward for five seconds. Repeat these same steps from the jawline toward the sides of the face. This will de-puff skin and drain away excess fluid, leaving skin looking toned and the face more contoured. 



Next place the sides of your index fingers onto the nasolabial folds and sweep in one fluid motion toward the side of your face.



FInally, slowly sweep your fingers from your jawline and down your neck, to drain the lymph.

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