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July: Summer Sparkle Full Box Reveal

Summer 2023 is all about getting your sparkle back, so enter your July Roccabox. 

Filled with 5 full-size beauty discoveries (worth £119), this box has been created to help you shine from the inside out this Summer. Whether you're in need of a post-party pick-me-up, or you want to add some shimmer to your festival look - it's your time to shine. 

Let’s meet your box. 

Summer Sparkle Roccabox

Wunder2 - Pure Pigments in shades, Maldives Blue, Lavender Field or Sunkissed Gold. (full size) RRP £9.99

Pure Pigments are ultra-fine, highly concentrated loose colour powders. They’re lightweight and easily blended, resulting in a subtle or super sparkly shimmer. We’ve treated you to either Maldives Blue, Lavender Field or Sunkissed Gold. 

Pro tip: use it with your favourite eyeshadow primer for an eye look that stays put for 24 hours. 

Warda - Hyaluronic Ultimate Facial and Neck Serum (full size) RRP £59

This is a lightweight, soothing serum and acts as the ultimate base for the rest of your skincare and makeup routine.

Hyaluronic acid hydrates tried skin and linoleic acid helps replenish, strengthen, and soothe skin. It’s a must-have in any Summer makeup bag.

Vitabiotics - SKIN Perfectil (30 day supply, full size) RRP £18.20

If we want to shine from the outside, we need to take a look at what’s going on inside. We’ve picked these vits because they combine the original Perfectil tablet we know and love, but with additional minerals to support the skin’s lower dermal layer. Meaning after 30 days your skin is sure to be feeling it’s best. 

Pro tip: take on a full stomach with a cold glass of water or team with a green smoothie for extra goodness! 

Bella Pierre - Universal Concealer Palette (full size) RRP £28.99

Sometimes, we get tired peepers which need a little help brightening up. We’ve treated you to a creamy concealer palette with a range of four shades which are easily blended and can be mixed for the perfect match. Formulated with natural waxes and pigments suitable for all skin types - winning! 

Beauty Pro - Warming Eye Mask (full size) RRP £3

Not only is this eye-mask award winning, the self heating eye pads have a soft chamomile scent, providing gentle warmth and peaceful rest. 

How to use: Unfold the mask and gently tear apart the two ear loops by pulling apart at the middle. Place the ear loops over your ears and put the mask over your eyes. Relax and enjoy 20 minutes of warmth over the eye areas. Zen x

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