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Make this the month that you get your glow back


Started the year feeling - not to mention looking - a little bit, blah? Course you have. We all have. Well, all apart from the lucky ones that spent the entire festive period on a yoga retreat in Tulum, refueling sun-soaked Savasanas with coconut water and kombutcha. That’s not you? Then what you need now is a clutch full of tried-and-tested miracle products that will help your body, mind and skin restore, rebalance and regain the glow that they exuded before mince pies, late nights and champagne cocktails came along and messed it all up.

Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you, researching which products are most up to the task- and we've restored our very own glow in the process. Follow our lead, try these radiance-boosting products, and you’ll soon be seeing February in with a spring in your step and a shimmer on your cheekbones.

The one that is like a shot of espresso for your body… Optiat "The Hungover" Potent Peppermint Coffee Scrub £6.99* Need a morning pick-me-up that’s going to boost your body, nourish your skin and revive your senses after a month you can barely recall? This aptly named body scrub will rid your bod of dead skin cells and reveal baby-soft skin, while its invigorating minty-fresh scent will perk you up after a boozy few weeks. Think of it as a New Year’s detox for your skin. You’ll be feeling refreshed and zingy again before you can say ‘one double espresso please’.

The one that feeds your face vitamins….Sunday Riley Juno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil £70  Made from cold pressed seed oils, superfoods, and a whole load of antioxidants omegas and vitamins, look at this nourishing face oil as one long refreshing vitamin-enriched smoothie for your very thirsty nutrient-deprived skin. Repairs lacklustre skin in a matter of weeks, restoring elasticity and hydrating parched complexions beautifully.

The one that gives hair a glass-like finish….Your mind, body and skin are all starting to just about recover from a month of partying, but what about those locks? The hair that starts to grow now is what was being fed a diet of canapes and mulled wine just a few weeks ago, so don’t be surprised if new hair is more dull and lifeless. Repair the signs of damage, restore moisture and shine and regain control over frazzled locks (damn all that party period curling tong use) with O&M Frizzy Logic Shine Serum £23

The one that nourishes while it clears….Face Inc Rose Glow Youth Boosting Peel Off Mask £5* A festive period fueled by sugar, alcohol, a lack of sleep and little time for a skincare regime (face wipes don’t count) can leave skin looking congested, but dry. Use this brand new mask to - quite literally - peel away impurities and dead skin cells, and reveal a youthful glow beneath the older, Christmas-time skin. A powerful blend of moisture-boosting actives and Vitamin B3 work together to help minimize the signs of ageing, increase skin elasticity and illuminate a dull complexion, ensuring skin feels soft and silky smooth after every use. Extra points for the packaging - a single-use skin shot, in a cute pod, that can also be used on the hands and body, as well as the face.

And if all else fails…

The ones that help you fake it….If your skin is taking a while to fully restore itself and is struggling to clear up any Christmas-induced breakouts, plus it isn’t quite as dewy as you’d like, then don’t despair. You know what they say, fake it ‘til you make it. What you need is a densely-pigmented yet light highlighting make-up product that delivers just the right amount of shimmer to your skin, to imply that your complexion is glowing and radiant from within. Blend Saturated Colour Make Me Shimmer Highlighter Pencil £6* onto freshly moisturised cheekbones, in to the corners of eyelids, and above the cupid’s bow. Its creamy blendeable crayon formula is perfect for a fresh and natural hint of shimmer. If bare skin needs a little more assistance, apply a very light coat of The Ordinary Serum Foundation £5.75 first, which will nourish the skin while giving just the right amount of coverage to even out a patchy skintone and mask any problem areas first.

 * Included in your January Roccabox!

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