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March 2020 Sneak Peek: HUDA Beauty

Why do we love it?

Huda Beauty is a firm favourite here at Roccabox HQ, and it’s easy to see why. Huda is a certified BOSS, and hits it out of the park with every product launch - seriously, what can’t she do? 

Her Lip Contour pencils are no exception - these things don’t budge! Seriously pigmented, in a range of gorgeous shades that suit all skin tones, with all day staying power AND non-drying - what’s the catch, right? Well, there isn’t one, and we are seriously obsessed. That’s why we’ve treated our Roccababes to their very own in March’s Hero edit. You can thank us later. 

How do we use it? 

Huda’s Lip Contour pencils were created and named after her own lip enhancing technique, so don’t listen to us - take it from the expert: 

First step is prep, prep, prep - gently exfoliate lips with a warm towel, hydrate with lip balm and blot excess moisture away with tissue. 

Now, using your Lip Contour pencil, draw an ‘X’ across your cupid’s bow. Slightly overline to emphasise the shape of your top lip, but not so much that it looks overdrawn. 

Then, outline the rest of your mouth and then fill your lips with colour (these pencils are super hydrating, so won’t dry you out). 

Now, using a darker shade start to contour - focus on the outer corners of your lips, and draw vertical lines to add depth. Pro tip: use concealer to correct any smudges. 

Finally, blend out with lip balm using your finger - and, voila! An ultra sexy, faux-plump pout in minutes. 

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