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Nails Inc Now Do Face Products!


When we say ‘Nails Inc’ what springs to mind? The grand-daddy of nail varnish brands, it’s our go-to brand when we want a) a nail varnish that won’t chip after, say, fifteen minutes and b) bang on-trend shades that are as imaginative and stylish as they are wearable. Basically, Nails Inc as a brand never fails to deliver. So imagine our excitement - and perhaps a little comprehension - when we heard that it was branching in to skincare. Would it be able to live up to its rock solid reputation and be as awesome at doing skin products as it is at doing nails? Well, it turns out, we needn’t have worried.

Face Inc by Nails Inc has launched these AMAZING INC.redible Masks £5, in THE cutest packaging, which have quickly become our must-have single-use product of choice. At just a fiver per pod they’re Ideal for throwing in your gym bag, leaving at your boyfriend's place or traveling with. The range features pods of single-use face masks, each with a different purpose. There’s an ‘Instant Detox’ sheet mask, a soothing night mask and ‘Carbon Neutral’, a purifying charcoal mask pod for congested complexions, that we’ve yet to try but have heard very good things about. Our favorite? The peel off ‘Rose Glow*’ version, a youth-boosting mask, packed full of Vitamin B3. We’ve stocked up and will be using religiously, twice a week, as part of our January efforts to restore our skin’s rosy glow.

Nails Inc, well done. You’ve nailed it again.


*Included in your January Roccabox

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