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New Drop: Eyelure Line & Lash


Eylure just launched a new product and it’s only gone and changed our lives…

Ok, so Eylure - you know, the brand behind arguably the best false lashes out there - has just dropped its new range and believe us when we say IT IS LIFE-CHANGING. Sounds a bit extreme? If like us you’re a fan of false lashes, we challenge you not to get seriously giddy over this absolute GAME CHANGER of a product. Eylure Line & Lash glue liner with Hyaluronic Acid is one of those products that comes along and you can’t believe it never existed before. By far Eylure’s easiest lash application ever, this genius product is basically a felt tip liner pen that brilliantly lays down a precise line of glue - basically like using a liquid liner. Simply apply 2-3 coats of the eyeliner to your lash line and then apply your favourite strip lashes. Not only is it super simple and speedy to apply, it is actually super hydrating too - packed full of hyaluronic acid- so it even goes some way to reducing wrinkles too.

The fuss-free Line and Lash glue liner, comes in two colours - black and clear. Opt for black if you like a liquid liner look - it doubles up as a smudge-free liner - and go for the clear if you prefer a naked eye look with no liner. It works with any false lash too - so feel free to play around with your favorite lashes. 

This is the ultimate make-up bag addition (especially now that we are allowed out again, yey!) and priced at £9.95 each, we seriously suggest you get your hands on one of these asap - because we predict a sell-out. Available now at Superdrug

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