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New Drop: Hawaiian Tropic Mineral Milk


Hawaiian Tropic Mineral Milk - why this brand new SPF will be saving our summer

We’re at that time in May l when at any given moment we could be treated to a mini heatwave so now’s a good time to invest in your annual SPF wardrobe. We say wardrobe, because every summer season you should invest in a few new sun protection products: starting with the wardrobe staples of


1) a daily sun facial moisturiser (we opt for one with added skincare benefits- at the moment we’re loving Aloha Care Face


2) a make-up product with added SPF (this is entirely optional of course, but we love doubling our protection from sun damage by adding a compact, foundation, CC cream, bronzing cream or tinted moisturiser with SPF) and


3) an effective body SPF. This third one is where personal preference can be pretty intense - most of us have a go-to sun cream that we turn to every year because we love the formula/fragrance/packaging or simply out of habit.


Most summers the Roccabox team is split over its favorite: we all tend to have our brands that we champion pretty loudly. Not this year however: this year there’s a unanimous favorite.


Enter Hawaiian Tropic Mineral Milk*. Firstly, it’s the brand’s first sun lotion with 100% mineral filters for UVA and UVB protection. What does this mean for us and our skin? Firstly, mineral milks are suitable for everyone - even the most sensitive of skin types. Secondly the milks use naturally derived zinc oxide to form a protective shield on the skin’s surface, which acts as a barrier against UV rays - so you’re not slathering your body in chemicals, parabens and other toxic nasties to keep the damage away.


So what else do we love about it? Firstly it’s light and ultra-spreadable: something the Roccabox team agree is essential when you are slathering on sun-cream (nobody likes that chalky white finish that many sun moisturisers have, right?) It’s deliciously rich and nourishing - containing Kakui Nut & Coconut, the ingredients leave your skin so hydrated that you genuinely can skip moisturiser when you’re using this each day - and also it's Vegan! It's so important to be eco-conscious when shopping for new products, and Hawaiian Tropic have ticked all of the boxes with packaging being made from 25% post-consumer recycled plastic with the added bonus of it being reef-friendly- not only is it kind to your skin but also kind to the planet. Finally, and this is a big one, it has that glorious iconic Hawaiian Tropic scent of coconuts that we can safely say reminds EVERYONE of summer.


The incredible formula is available in two different versions, one for you face, Mineral Facial milk SPF 30, and one for your body, Mineral Protective Sun Lotion SPF 30. Which we already know we won't be leaving the house without either this Summer. 


So, while jetting abroad is looking to be off the cards for summer 2021, we can still live in hope of some hot, heady, glorious sunshine at home. And when it does come, you’ll find us in the nearest park, slathering Hawaiian Tropic Mineral Milk on our limbs, laying back with closed eyes, smelling like Pina Colada and dreaming of summer 2022...

•You'll find one in your May Roccabox.

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