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November Sneak Peek: Bloom & Blossom

Why you should switch to a dry body oil this month 

Just as we switch up our skincare seasonally, it’s a good idea to also give your bodycare products a bit of a re-think as the weather changes. As the temperature drops outside, and the heating rises indoors, most of us notice our complexions becoming tighter, reddened, more sensitive, drier and struggling to adjust - so we adjust our skincare accordingly. Our bodies suffer this same fate: but usually with our limbs all layered up and covered in clothes, we tend to ignore their call to be better hydrated, restored, nourished. It’s a shame though: by not rethinking your body products for the colder months you’re actually missing out on a glut of gorgeous products: rich body butters; calming skin balms; deliciously luxe oils. And our current favourite: the dry body oil. 

PYJAMARAMA Dry body oil

What’s wonderful about a dry body oil - aside from its skin-nourishing properties, hydrating formula and skin-softening power - is that unlike other oily blends, a dry oil will sink effortlessly and speedily into your skin, leaving no greasy residue in its wake. It’s basically the difference between white streaks all over your work wardrobe as you get dressed before your body butter has had the chance to sink in, or worse, standing in a freezing cold bathroom, as you wait naked for it to dry. Evenings (particularly post-bath, post-glass of red, when all we want to do is climb under our duvet), we relish the drying speed of a dry body oil even more. Bloom and Blossom’s rather gorgeous (and aptly named) Pyjamarama Dry Body Oil is especially ideal for using at night: it is quite literally like a silky robe for the skin. Sinking gloriously into our dry limbs, effortlessly quenching thirsty skin and leaving it soft and hydrated, it can be used right before bed without fear of it ruining your sheets. The addition of Frankincense - known for calming body and mind - also helps lull us into a dreamy state. 

Still need convincing? You’ll find Bloom and Blossom Pyjamarama Dry Body Oil (In deluxe mini size, £12) inside our November Roccabox. Spray over your entire body, gently massage and then take a few deep breaths in for added zen-factor.

By Sarah Edge

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