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October Sneak Peek: Paul & Joe

This month we’ve been on a quest for products that will genuinely speed up our morning routine, without compromising on the way we look and, crucially, how we feel as we catapult ourselves into the day. We’ve thrown ourselves into discovering the products that will make us look pulled together and polished, fast. As we’ve worked our way through a variety of multi-taskers, we’ve realised that a morning routine has a very definite set of requirements, besides being speedy.


Firstly, what we truly need on a morning is a skincare (and make-up) regime that makes us look instantly uplifted and wide awake. Secondly we want products that will help us to achieve and maintain a glow, as life becomes more hectic. And finally, mornings set the tone for the rest of the day, so it follows that the products we include in our morning routine must not only be speedy to use - and reap results equally fast- but they must also be a joy to use. 

Which is how we stumbled across our newest beauty obsession: hybrid skincare. Hybrid skincare needs little explanation - it is the products that blur the lines between categories. Some bridge the gap between skincare and make-up, and others combine a variety of products (think serum/SPF/primer) in one product. Crucially, to become a true hybrid product, a product must perform equally well in all its roles. So, for example, if a product claims to be an SPF and moisturiser in one, it must provide as effective suncare protection and give as effective hydration results as if you were using two separate products.

Paul & Joe Beauty

Our obsession with hybrid skincare is how we stumbled across Paul & Joe’s Protecting Foundation Primer £28 (in shade 02). We genuinely believe this product has transformed our mornings. It basically performs four key functions - skincare, primer and SPF - in one product. It’s a primer, yes, so it definitely makes our foundation sit better, wear longer and look noticeably more flawless, but it’s also far more than that. What you get from this gorgeous product is a serum consistency, so it hydrates and moisturises the skin, just as a lightweight serum would. It also delivers a subtle glow - great when skin needs a bit of a kick to get glowing, and this also means you can skip highlighter later in your morning routine - and if that wasn’t quite enough boxes ticked it also contains an SPF. Happily the formula also holds up and keeps make-up put in even the most humid of conditions (the Central Line at rush hour was our testing ground. if you know, you know.) 

Hurry out and buy one now - or better still, purchase this month’s Roccabox £15, as we’ve included a full sized bottle in there. 

Please note, if you have a 'no tan' subscription you will be receive an alternative product. 

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